June Wrap-Up & July TBR

Hey guys, it's Remi here.  How are you? I just finished packing my luggage.  Well...I still have to check one more times, or maybe two more.  Then this Friday, I'm going to England!   I have to admit that it's kinda terrifying.  I haven't taken a plane by myself nor visited a foreign country all... Continue Reading →

Mean Girl | Life Update #4

I'm sad. Hey guys, it's Remi here.  This is gonna be a depressing post with complaint.   So...the reason why I started my own book-blog it's because I came across a lovely book-blog.  I chatted with the blogger.  She was also from Taiwan!  She wrote great reviews with profound insights.  Therefore, I asked her how... Continue Reading →

Quotable Tuesday #9

Hey guys, it's Remi here.  How are you? This is a scheduled post.  Today's Tuesday.  Why am I saying these weird things?  Well...my exam will be over tomorrow and I'll do something I've been too scared to do for a damn long time.  That is -- calling an old best friend. Yes, this idea freaks... Continue Reading →

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