The Monday Musts #12

Hey guys, it's Remi.  Welcome back to long-lost Monday Musts.  How are you?  Halloween is around the corner!  Do you want to see Saw VIII? [Must Read] I See You by Clare Mackintosh  Genres: crime, psychological-thriller, fiction  Synopsis:  When Zoe Walker sees her photo in the classifieds section of a London newspaper, she is determined... Continue Reading →


The Monday Musts #11

Hey guys, it's Remi!  How are you?  It's a rainy day here.  Time for another Monday Musts!  I haven't done it for a long long time mainly because I didn't have good things to recommend.  Haha, but today I've got some! [Must Read] Into The Water by Paula Hawkins Genres: fiction, contemporary, mystery  A single mother... Continue Reading →

The Monday Musts #10

Hey guys, it's Remi.  How was your weekend?  How are you?  I'm great.  I woke up early and started to practising singing Memory (yes, that one from Cats).  My parents was kinda annoyed by me since it was like six thirty in the morning.  Lol. [Must Read] Harry Potter Film Wizardry  Harry Potter: Film Wizardry... Continue Reading →

The Monday Musts #8

Hey guys, it's Remi.  Happy Monday!!!  Let take a look at this week's Monday Musts! [Must Read] The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare Genres: YA, urban fantasy The books are set in Brooklyn, New York. Clary Fray is just your ordinary, red haired, teenage girl, who dreams of being an artist. She has a... Continue Reading →

Sunday Fandom Mash-Up #4

Hey guys, it's Remi.  Happy Sunday!  I went hiking with my parents at seven in the morning.  Yes, I'm freaking healthy. Welcome to Sunday Fandom Mash-Up created by LunarRainbows.  This week's scenario is: Mmmmm.  Food!  You've been invited to an extravagant buffet *drool*  Which foodie characters do you invite along to chow down with? First thing... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Fandoms I’m In

Hey guys, it's Remi the Ray-ray!   Okay...didn't work out so well.  I was trying to test my new greeting.  Happy Tuesday!  We have a new Top Ten this week.  The topic is 'Top Ten Fandoms I'm In'. 10. CSI   CSI was a TV series on CBS.  I'm in love with CSI the second... Continue Reading →

The Monday Musts #7

Hey guys, it's Remi.  How are you?  I really should change a greeting style.  Lol.  Happy Monday!  I'm still on my vacation.   Let's take a look at our Monday Musts! [Must Read] We Were Liars by E. Lockhart  Genres: YA, contemporary, mental-illness A beautiful and distinguished family. A private island. A brilliant, damaged girl;... Continue Reading →

Sunday Fandom Mash-Up #3

Hey guys, it's Remi.  Happy Sunday!  How are you?  I attended my cousin's wedding today.  Scenario: Dude, you're in high-school again.  Wait...what?!  Imagine yourself as a teen again and tell us which characters you'd be hanging out with? - Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf at MTV  I love Stiles.  He is sarcastically funny.  I'm definitely... Continue Reading →

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