IMPORTANT my first novel?

Title: Partners  Genre: fiction, crime, comedy, drama, supernatural, LGBTQ  Author: RemiVFoliage  Synopsis:  Dreams do come true if only we wish hard enough.  You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it. -- J. M. Barrie  Detective Elizabeth Chase is who you say she is.  Depends on how you see her. Awkward?... Continue Reading →


2017 Torquay Tag

Hey, guys.  How are you?  I believe that a lot of you want to hear about my amazing summertime.  Let's just skip the rubbish and jump in! *reader discretion advice: it's a long long post.  If you're looking for something interesting, go to 32.  If you could finish reading 1.-37., I love you.* 1. The... Continue Reading →

Get To Know This Logician | Life Update #2

Hi!  My name is Remi V Foliage.  I'm a university student majoring Spanish and Psychology.   Today I did the 16-personality test and I got INTP-T.  The logician. Strength:  - analytical  - honest - imaginative, original  - open-minded, objective  - enthusiastic  Weakness: - private  - insensitive  - absent-minded  - condescending  - rule-breaker  - second-guess myself ... Continue Reading →

Life Update #1

Hey guys, it's Remi.  Welcome to my blog today!  I'm having my midterm this week and next week.  Eeeeeeek! I'm not gonna share with you quotes like I always did on Thursdays.  I'm gonna share with you some facts about me.  1. I consider sleeping is a waste of time.  I go to sleep at... Continue Reading →

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