So…I dropped out of school

Didn't expect this is how things would go. ---- Insomnia by Craig David Here I am, sitting in my study. I'm officially a university dropout. I admit that I'd never thought about graduating with a uni degree when I was little. I'd never thought about only having a high school certificate either. I'm stuck in... Continue Reading →


2018 The New Me

Hey guys, I'm Remi.  Let's be crazy. I was born in '97.  One of my mottos is, "You'll never be as young as you are now."  So...HAVE FUN! 2017,  the most amazing year of my life has gone.  Hello, the unknown 2018.  That means that we also have to welcome my new introduction.  Thank you... Continue Reading →

My 2017 Wrap-Up 

Hey guys, this is Remi.  How do you do?   I'm sad.  I'm crying...on the inside.  2017 just flew by, leaving me in shock 😨 (dramatic much?)  There were so many beautiful memories, especially my summer in Torquay 😎. I'd very much love to talk about my summer, but this would probably become a 10k-word post. ... Continue Reading →

2017 Torquay Tag

Hey, guys.  How are you?  I believe that a lot of you want to hear about my amazing summertime.  Let's just skip the rubbish and jump in! *reader discretion advice: it's a long long post.  If you're looking for something interesting, go to 32.  If you could finish reading 1.-37., I love you.* 1. The... Continue Reading →


  Hey, I'm RemiVFoliage, an aromantic...person.  Nice to meet you.  My friends just call me Remi.  If you are curious what V stands for, I'm not gonna tell you.  Go figure. I was born on 28th of March, 1997.  And I'm the only child.  I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.  My ideal height is... Continue Reading →

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