2017 Torquay Tag

Hey, guys.  How are you?  I believe that a lot of you want to hear about my amazing summertime.  Let's just skip the rubbish and jump in! *reader discretion advice: it's a long long post.  If you're looking for something interesting, go to 32.  If you could finish reading 1.-37., I love you.* 1. The... Continue Reading →


Get To Know This Logician | Life Update #2

Hi!  My name is Remi V Foliage.  I'm a university student majoring Spanish and Psychology.   Today I did the 16-personality test and I got INTP-T.  The logician. Strength:  - analytical  - honest - imaginative, original  - open-minded, objective  - enthusiastic  Weakness: - private  - insensitive  - absent-minded  - condescending  - rule-breaker  - second-guess myself ... Continue Reading →

Introduction 2017 Jan.

Hey guys!  A lot of things have happened in amazing 2016.  I decide to update my introduction.  Let's get down to it! My name is RemiVFoliage.  I was born on 28th of March, 1997.  My mother tongue is Chinese, yo!  I study Spanish and double-major psychology in a university. My 3 Weird Obsessions: 1. U.K.... Continue Reading →

Review Policy

It's always nice to receive ARCs 🙂 I accept all kinds of books, but these are what I like better: * YA  * Fantasy  * Detective  * Paranormal * Dystopian  * Adventure  I prefer physical books, but ebooks are fine, too. FOR PUBLISHERS/ AUTHORS – YOU CAN EMAIL ME FOR ANY BOOK REVIEW REQUEST: etherielkenterson@gmail.com  

Introduction Part 2 (movies/TV series)

The first part is my favourite actors ✂Actors 1. Emma Watson She is smart and kind.  She stands for women's rights of UN.  She's graduated from University of Oxford. 🎬Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2. Emma Roberts Emma is beautiful and her size is just like me, haha. 🎬Nancy Drew 3. Lily... Continue Reading →

Introduction Part 1 (music)

Hi, I'm Remi from a small island called Formosa. I'm a girl who looks like 13, but actually I was born in 1997. Okay, so let's talk from the start. When I was in sixth grade, my cousin told me about Taylor Swift.  And she became my first love of English songs. Of course, in... Continue Reading →


  Hey, I'm RemiVFoliage.  Nice to meet you.  My friends just call me Remi.  In case you are curious, V stands for my middle name, Vincent. I was born on 28th of March, 1997.  And I'm the only child.  I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.  I'm quite short, only 5'3.  And I've been spending... Continue Reading →

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