Life Update #1

Hey guys, it’s Remi.  Welcome to my blog today!  I’m having my midterm this week and next week.  Eeeeeeek!

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I’m not gonna share with you quotes like I always did on Thursdays.  I’m gonna share with you some facts about me. 

1. I consider sleeping is a waste of time. 

I go to sleep at ten every night and get up at six or seven every morning.  Yeah.  I know I sleep too much.  It’s for my health.  But honestly, sleeping is seriously a waste of time.  I could do a lot of things in eight hours!  Why?  Why do humans need sleeping?
2. I’m a dog person.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like cats.  I love all kinds of animals.
3. I don’t drink coffee.  

Drinking coffee makes me sleepless.  I drink green tea.  And I have no idea why I won’t be sleepless by drinking tea.
4. I love to sing.

I love to sing more than anything.  Yes.  More than reading or watching TV series.  I’m currently practicing musical.  Lol.
5. I speak English with sightly standard British accent.  

Yes.  Like BBC.  And my peers all laugh at me because my classmates who are good at English have American accent.  Thank for that cram school where I learnt English when I was little!

That’s all for today.  Thank you for reading.  Let me know what you think.  

P.s. Let me know whether you like Quotable Thursday or Life Update better.

Have a nice day and I’ll see you next time.  Bye-bye 👋


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