Review : The Pinocchio Brief by Abi Silver 

A schoolboy accused of a brutal murder. A retired lawyer with secrets to hide…

A 15-year-old schoolboy is accused of the murder of one of his teachers. His lawyers, the guarded veteran, Judith, and the energetic young solicitor, Constance, begin a desperate pursuit of the truth, revealing uncomfortable secrets about the teacher and the school. But Judith has her own secrets which she risks exposing when it is announced that a new lie-detecting device, nicknamed Pinocchio, will be used during the trial. And is the accused, a troubled boy who loves challenges, trying to help them or not?

The Pinocchio Brief is a gripping, very human thriller which confronts our assumptions about truth and reliance on technology.

Title: The Pinocchio Brief 

Genres: fiction, crime 

Author: Abi Silver 

Publisher: Lightning Books (UK), 2017

Edition: paperback, 380 pages 

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

This book was from the WHSmith at Terminal 2, Heathrow airport.  A new lie detecting program?  I couldn’t stop myself from taking the book to checkout immediately.

Things I Liked About It 

– the plot 

Every chapter is small.  Each one well links with the next one.  When Judith and Constance were doing the investigation, I wasn’t able to put the book down.  It was so interesting to get to know more step by step.  Later in part 3, when they were in court, I was still hooked.  Which was kind of surprising.  The thing is that I never really liked court dramas.  I’ve watched a lot of crime shows, but I hated the court scenes.  #whyididntwatchhowtogetawaywithmurders 

However, this book might just change my opinion.

– the characters

The main suspect Raymond ‘Ray’ Maynard is my favourite character.  We could get into his mind first-handed.

Things I Disliked About It 

To be honest, I truly enjoyed everything in this book.


I had a good time reading this book.  I’ll definitely pick up another work from Abi Silver, that is, if she writes another book.

You should pick up this book if you 

– want to get into a genius’ head 

– are interested in court dramas 

– like crime detective stories 

– want to know about lie detecting 

That’s all for my review of Pinocchio.  Have you read it?  If you haven’t, just go grab a copy!

Happy reading!  I hope you all will have a great Monday!

xoxo Remi 

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