Mean Girl | Life Update #4

I’m sad.

Hey guys, it’s Remi here.  This is gonna be a depressing post with complaint.  

So…the reason why I started my own book-blog it’s because I came across a lovely book-blog.  I chatted with the blogger.  She was also from Taiwan!  She wrote great reviews with profound insights.  Therefore, I asked her how to write a nice review and where to buy cheaper English novels.  Well, in Taiwan, our bookstores are full of Chinese books.  Sure there are some English books, but they are always way too expensive!

She didn’t really answer me.  And when I found her on Goodreads and added her as a friend, she blocked me.  I didn’t know why!  

Soon after, I came across her on Twitter.  I swear that I’m not a stalker, just that her tweets got retweeted by my bookish friends.  I said hi to her and we chatted as if nothing had ever gone wrong.  However, when I take about Taiwan, she went radio silence, not replying to me anymore.  That was weird…

Recently, she got some ARC copies from an American publisher!  I’ve never tried to ask a foreign publisher for books, but she did it!  Wow!  I congratulated her and then asked her how she got those copies!  I mean, we’re from Taiwan.  How did she manage to get those ARC?  I’d love to have some physical copies as well!  As you could probably guess, she shut me out, saying she didn’t really know how, and she blocked me on Twitter.  


There goes my deduction: I may not seem to be patriotic (because I love western cultures too much), but I have never been ashamed of my country!  Yes, I may love English more than Chinese.  But that’s just not right to put yourself into your own world.  I love English as well.  I love to read.  Originally, I thought we could be good friends.  But…no.  I cannot befriend with people who don’t recognize their own countries.

Peace out.  xoxo Remi 


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