Quotable Tuesday #9

Hey guys, it’s Remi here.  How are you?
This is a scheduled post.  Today’s Tuesday.  Why am I saying these weird things?  Well…my exam will be over tomorrow and I’ll do something I’ve been too scared to do for a damn long time.  That is — calling an old best friend.

Yes, this idea freaks me out.  I haven’t properly slept for three weeks.  Why am I being such a drama queen?  Well, two years ago I called my another old best friend, but…yeah, she didn’t want that friendship anymore.  I was devastated.  (I still am whenever I think of her and the memories.)  God!  This is terrifying the hell out of me!!!

Sure I do have best friends now, but when you open the memory box (yep!  it’s a round metal box lying in my drawer.  shh…), you just wonder where have all the good time gone?  Where are those people you used to hang out and had fun with?  Why can’t I be as happy as I was before?  I am a lot less stressful than the fifteen-year-old me.  (I had to prepare the high school entrance exam.)  I want those time back.

Yeah, I’m the King of could’ve/should’ve/would’ve.  No kidding.  I sing Memory everyday just to act out my sorrows.  (Great!  Now I’m being a drama queen again!)

So…if that big thing works, I’ll do a review of Side Effects May Vary on Friday, maybe.  If that thing doesn’t work out, I’ll do a June wrap-up & July TBR on 29th.  Well…I probably won’t announce any TBR because I’m going to England.  Gotta travel light, baby!

Okay…so much rubbish.  Let’s get to the two quotes I encountered earlier.



That’s all for today.  Wish me luck.  Uh…I don’t actually need it anymore.

Have a lovely summer.

xoxo Remi 


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