Review : Into The Water by Paula Hawkins 

A single mother turns up dead at the bottom of the river that runs through town. Earlier in the summer, a vulnerable teenage girl met the same fate. They are not the first women lost to these dark waters, but their deaths disturb the river and its history, dredging up secrets long submerged.

Left behind is a lonely fifteen-year-old girl. Parentless and friendless, she now finds herself in the care of her mother’s sister, a fearful stranger who has been dragged back to the place she deliberately ran from—a place to which she vowed she’d never return.

With the same propulsive writing and acute understanding of human instincts that captivated millions of readers around the world in her explosive debut thriller, The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins delivers an urgent, twisting, deeply satisfying read that hinges on the deceptiveness of emotion and memory, as well as the devastating ways that the past can reach a long arm into the present.
Beware a calm surface—you never know what lies beneath.  (From: Goodreads)

Title: Into The Water 

Author: Paula Hawkins 

Genres: fiction, crime, mystery, thriller 

Publisher: Riverhead Books (US), 2017

Edition: paperback, 386 pages 

⭐⭐⭐⭐ thrilling stars!!!

Paula Hawkins is the author of The Girl On The Train.  I haven’t seen the movie, but I loved the book.

This one is as amazing as that one.

Things I Liked About It 

– the feels 

It was thrilling to the very end.  You start to guess who the killer was once you open the book.  It keeps you guessing all the way and I mean it.  All.  The.  Way.  Everyone just had their own secrets.  And you want to find out the truth.

– the writing style 

There are multiple POVs.  Multiple like hmm…about ten?  Some people’s POV were told in first-person.  Some were told in third-person.  It was very special.  You will know why Paula wrote like this.

Things I Disliked About It 

One thing I’m a bit confused.  I’ll mention it later.  It’s a spoiler, not really.  I mean, yes it’s a spoiler, but…well…


You should read it if you

– like The Girl On The Train 

– like small towns 

– want to be a detective 

Spoiler Discussion 






In the end, there’s still no mention when or how the bracelet was off Nel’s wrist.  What really happened to her bracelet?


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