Get To Know This Logician | Life Update #2

Hi!  My name is Remi V Foliage.  I’m a university student majoring Spanish and Psychology.  

Today I did the 16-personality test and I got INTP-T.  The logician.


– analytical 

– honest

– imaginative, original 

– open-minded, objective 

– enthusiastic 


– private 

– insensitive 

– absent-minded 

– condescending 

– rule-breaker 

– second-guess myself 

Fictional Characters:

– Pierre Bezukhov (War and Peace)

– R (Warm Bodies)

– Samwell Tarly (Game of Thrones)

– Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter)

– Violet Baudelaire (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

– Smaug (The Hobbit)

Best Book For INTPs:

– The Book Thief (Hooray!  It’s my favourite book!)

Current Favourites:

– roller-coasters (I haven’t ridden a rollercoaster for six years…but I kinda miss it.)

– Pringles (onion & sour cream.  Yes!)

– Doritos (not that I love Doritos less.  I just love Pringles more.)

– going for a walk in the early morning (by walk I mean…hiking.  there’s a small mountain in my university, so it’s quite convenient.)

– reading in the sunny afternoon (I don’t think this scene is gonna happen anytime soon since our recent afternoons are always up to 31-32℃)

– earrings (this is one of my new-found old obsession.  Ugh!)

– shirts (I absolutely love shirts.  Shirts make me look professional.  I’m just kidding.  Shirts go well with anything!)

– Saw movies!!! (Yep!  I only watched the first Saw movie last Sunday.  And I couldn’t stop binge watching them all!!!  Those killing traps were so…cool/creative?)

Current Struggles:

– Spanish grammar (I’m trying, okay?  I don’t like grammar rules.  INTP: rule-breaker)

– buying too many books (and now I don’t have place to put them.  What should I do???  500 books.  We’re almost there.)

– rereading Clockwork Angel and still not liking Tessa (why am I torturing myself?)

– feeling distressed to write non-spoiler reviews (I don’t know whether I should write the review about There Will Be Lies because if I don’t write in any spoiler, you’ll be like ‘what the fuck is this Remi guy blabbering about?’)

– saving money to Ed Sheeran’s concert (➗ concert!  I love this blue album so much, so much better than the first two albums.  Ed is coming to Taiwan in October!)

– contemplating whether I should go to Ariana Grande’s concert (hmm…probably not.  It’s expensive and…I’m not so enthusiastic.)

That’s all for today’s Life Update!  Let me know what you think!

Ójala tengáis un precioso día y os veré la próxima vez.  Adios!  👋


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