T5W : Authors I Want To Read More From 

Hey guys, I’m Remi.  Happy Wednesday.  How are you?  I’m currently practising singing To Love You More by Lea Michele version.

This week our T5W’s topic is ‘Authors I Want To Read More From’.  Let’s take a look!

5. Markus Zusak 

Even though I’ve only read The Book Thief, I want to pick up more of his books.  I was amazed at the way he chose to tell the story.

4. Morgan Rhodes 

I like Morgan’s writing.  I’m a huge fan of Falling Kingdoms series.  In my personal opinion, I might not really like the spin-off series.

3. Rick Riordan 

All the mythical stories are interesting when Rick tells them!!!  

2. Adam Silvera

Oooh!  Adam is my new favourite author.  I adore his writing and the idea of his stories.  I need to read more!!!  They Both Die At The End will be out in September!

1. Cassandra Clare

I’ll never get tired of more Shadowhunter world stories!  I need more!  I need more!  I need more!

That’s all for this week’s Top Five Wednesday.  Thanks for reading.  Let me know what you think.

Have a lovely day and I’ll see you next time.  Bye-bye 👋

xoxo Remi 


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