Top Ten Things I Loathe Seeing In A Book 

Hey guys, it’s Remi.  Happy Tuesday.  Today our topic of Top Ten Tuesday is ‘Top Ten Things I Loathe Seeing In A Book’.  Yeah!  Time for complaining!  One of my favourite things to do!

1. Drugs/Gangsters 

I love crime shows.  However, I don’t know why I fail to read book with this topic.  I’ve tried Can’t Get There From Here by Todd Strasser.  Uh…I hated it.

2. Time-Travel 

Again, I don’t know why time-travel never bothers me while I’m watching TV series.  I really don’t like this idea in books. 

3. Aliens/Spaceship

Yeah.  Basically every book about aliens that I read described aliens as evil creatures!  The female protagonist would always fall in love with an alien boy.  That made me feel utterly disturbing.  Your lover is secretly plotting to take down your planet!!!  Despierta!

4. Teen Mom/ Pregnancy 

Nope.  Teenagers should have fun, go outside to be wild instead of being teen moms!  And…pregnancy…nah, not my best interest.

5. Cheating/ Affairs 

Nobody likes to be cheated on.  (I assume?)  Therefore, I wouldn’t like a book focusing on a character who cheats constantly.  Check out 99 Days by Katie Cotugno.  In my opinion, that book is horrible.  Our main female enjoyed cheating.  She cheated on her ex-boyfriend’s brother.  And then she cheated on the brother with her ex-boyfriend.  

6. Apocalypse

I’m quoting Mercedes Jones: Oh, hell to the NO!  I don’t like to read a story about a BLEAK world.  At first…I kinda do since the idea was new.  Nonetheless…every apocalypse book seems to be the same.

7. Dystopia

I’ve grown out of the phase of dystopia.  I’m tired of seeing those people wanting to rebel against the government.  Enough about this trope!

8. Insta-love/ Love-At-First-Sight/ Dream-guy

These things are just not scientific and really stupid, making totally no sense at all.  Recently, I’ve encountered some books like: the girl had been dreaming about a cute guys for month and she fell in love with him.  What the fuck?

9. ‘Flawed’ Characters 

– annoying females 

There are books with this kind of protagonists.  I can’t stand girls who think they are cute when they are acting stupid.

– violent/jealousy males 

These kinds of guys are the worst kind.  I have no idea why some writers think these kinds of guys are heroic and lovable.

10. New Adult

Eww!  No!  Okay, I don’t mean to say eww.  But EWW, no!  I’m totally fine with reading stories about college or twenty-something’s life as long as they don’t get steamy and gross me out, making me want to kill myself or scratch out my eyeballs!

That’s all for today’s Top Ten Tuesday.  Let me know what you think!  What kind of things do you not want to see in a book?

Have a lovely day and I’ll see you around.  Bye 👋

xoxo Remi


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