Review : Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith 

Alex Sawyer and his mates should have known there was no way out of Furnace Penitentiary. Their escape attempt only lands them deeper in the guts of this prison for young offenders, and then into solitary confinement. And that’s where a whole new struggle begins—a struggle not to let the hellish conditions overwhelm them.  Because before another escape attempt is even possible, they must first survive the nightmare that now haunts their endless nights.  (From: Goodreads)

Title: Solitary
Series: Escape From Furnace 

Author: Alexander Gordon Smith 

Genres: YA, sci-fi, thriller, action 

Publisher: SquareFish (US), 2011

Edition: paperback

Pages: 225

Four bellissimo stars!!!

So…this is the second book in the series.  And I read the first book a year ago…Don’t get me wrong.  I loved the first book.  I kept telling myself to pick up the second book soon, but there are always so many other books that I’ve been dying to read.  #UnMontonDeTBR Yes.  My TBR pile is probably as high as the highest mountain in Taiwan, 3952m.  Looking forward to become Everest 😃👍 (JK).  The problem is…I keep buying books even though there are a lot of books I haven’t even touched on my bookshelves…guilty as charged…✌

Things I Like About This Book

– the writing 

I want to say that I adore Alexander’s writing very very very much.  His writing is delicate.  He depicted how Alex felt so wonderfully that I felt with him.

You can just flip open one page and you’ll see a lot of nice sentences.

It was as if this time the darkness had weight, substance.  It pressed down on me, making my arms and legs and neck feel like they were cased in concrete.

from p. 178 — the page I randomly flipped open

– the Furnace-building 

The scenes are well-built.  There was a map in my mind when I read the story.  This place was horrible!  So horrible that you wouldn’t even wanna have a field trip here.

– the plot 

The storyline was thrilling.  I couldn’t help turning a page after a page.  Each chapter is short.  I told myself, just one more chapter and I’ll go to bed, turned out I read ten more chapters.

Things I Dislike About This Book 

Honestly there’s nothing I dislike about it.  However, it’s the second book.  It’s just not as novel as the first book.  Therefore, I gave it four stars.


I recommend everyone to read this series.  If you like to read things about escape, you should definitely pick this up.  If you are drawn to beautiful sentences, oh, you really really should pick this up.  Trust me, you will like it!

That’s all for my review of Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith.  Hope you liked it.  Have you read this series?  Let me know what you think.

Have a nice day and I’ll see you next time.  Bye-bye 👋


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