Sunday Fandom Mashup #2

Hey guys, it’s Remi.  Happy Sunday!  How are you?  Today I’m joining Micheline @LunarRainbows for Fandom Mashup!

Our scenario this week:

Back to the…past!  Pick a time period in history that you’d most like to visit and 5 characters you’d most like to spend that adventure with!

The time period I choose: 

1888 Jack the Ripper era

We are gonna solve this case!

The characters I pick:

1. Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds at CBS 

Hotch was a criminal profiler.  Personally, I think he was really good at his job.  The team’s never the same without him…Anyways, I need Hotch because he can profile the killer!

2. Dr. Al Robbins from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at CBS 

Out of so many crime shows I watched, Dr. Robbins is without doubt my favourite coroner.  I need Dr. Robbins because he can perform perfect autopsies on those poor victims.

3. Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock Holmes series by Conan Doyle

Well…Sherlock.  We all know about him.  I need him because I think he can definitely solve this thing.

4. Will Graham from Hannibal at NBC 

Will had this ability to…uh…when he entered a crime scene, he could playback how the killer kill his victims.  I need him for his useful ability.

5. Shawn Spencer from Psych at USA Network 

Wait for it…Shawn has great perception.  Besides, he’s humorous.  He can lighten up this dreadful investigation.

That’s all for today’s fandom mashup!  Let me know what you think!  

P.s. 28th March is my birthday!  Yeah!  I mean…no!  I’m gonna be older.  Well…we all are getting older day by day.  Lol.

Have a nice day and I’ll see you next time 👋 bye-bye 


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