Quotable Thursday #5

G’day, everybody!  It’s Remi here.  Today I’d like to share some dark quotes with you.


All I have is me, myself and I and we are all getting really tired of each other.

— Carl R. White 


The individual does actually carry on a double existence: one designed to serve his own purposes and another as a link in a chain, in which he serves against, it at any rate without, any volition of his own.

— Sigmund Freud


If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

–George Carlin 

That’s all for Quotable Thursday.  Recently I haven’t found any nice book quotes, so…I’m not sure what kind of quotes I’ll share with you next week.  Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.  Have a nice day and I’ll see you next time.  Bye bye 👋

❌⭕❌⭕ Remi 


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