Quotable Thursday #2

Hey guys, it’s Remi here!  Quotable Thursday is also here!

Today, I’m not gonna share any book quote with you since I don’t have great, sophisticated quotes.  However, I’m gonna share some fun TV series quotes with you.  Yay!!!


Adam: I don’t like this Bob guy one bit.  First of all, his name is Bob.  It’s the same backward as it is forward.  You can’t trust somebody like that!

Don: You mean like mom?

Adam: Exactly!

— Man With A Plan (CBS) S01E09


clerk: Someone just paid 1500 dollars on phone cards and cigarettes.  How name was…Caroline Channing?

Caroline: What?  That’s my name!

clerk: You got a dude’s name!

— 2 Broke Girls (CBS) S06E12


Count: I’m handsome and talented and love your bank account.

— A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Netflix) S01E01


opening: Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.

— Grimm (NBC) S06E02


Roger: First of all, he calls me Big Roge.  Then he made some sort of threatening gesture with floss.

Martin: I didn’t think it was possible to floss-threateningly.

— Lethal Weapon (FOX) S01E09


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