T5W : Fictional Jobs You’d Want To Have

Hey guys, it’s Remi!  Happy Wednesday!  

It’s time for T5W this week.  Today our topic is Fictional Jobs You’d Want To Have.  This topic is also opened to TV series and video games and whatever.  Other options don’t really matter to me since all I need is TV series.  Ha Ha Ha!!!

5. Assassin from Whatever Books or Movies or TV Series or Video Games 

I don’t know.  I think it’s pretty cool to be an assassin, to be the best assassin.  I want to have a case like…assassinating a prince or a princess.

4. Rebel Host from Westworld

I love the world, the westworld.  I’m amazed that they could build this kind of world.  I want to be a rebel host like Maeve, a person who has a heart wanting to escape.

3. Villain from Gotham  

Any villain will do.  On one condition, I want to be able to resurrect.  Yes,  that means I have to be killed at least once.

2. Hunters from Supernatural 

I want to join Sam & Dean on a road trip hunting monsters, killing things!  Their family business just sounds so interesting!

1. The Flash from The Flash 

I love running.  When I was a kid, I had dream that someday I could run Olympus.  Lol, I ran/run fast among the kids my age, but not THAT fast.

When I discovered this Flash, whoa!, my dream job!  Being the Flash is definitely my favourite job, fighting crime, putting bad guys into the special jail cells.  

This is all for today’s T5W.  Clearly I want to have an adventurous, action-packed, dangerous job which might or might not include the encounter with death himself.

Some of you might be wondering: Remi, how can you want to be a villain and also a hero?  Well…if I can’t be a hero, I’ll be a villain.  Hero is my top priority.  (I’m trying to be serious here even though I’m laughing very hard while typing.) I guess the truth is that I struggle between good and evil all the time.

Thanks for reading, guys.  I’ll see you next time.  Bye 👋 


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