5 Things On Sunday #1

Hey guys, happy Sunday.  I’ve just discovered this weekly meme on Reads And Treats. This is my first 5 Things On Sunday.  Today’s topic is Winter Dislikes.

Is your favourite season winter?  My favourite season is summer.  It’s not like I live in North Pole.  I live in Taiwan, a subtropical island.  Our winter temperature is normally somewhere between 15℃~20℃.  Oh, hell no!   My perfect temperature is 25℃, or 23℃ with sun.  Here are five things I don’t like about winter 👇

1. The temperature and weather.  

Okay.  I give in to the temperature part, but I really need sunlight!  I love sunlight.  I love summertime in Norway!  Our winter days are mostly cloudy and rainy.

2. I have to wear a lot of clothes. 

I like to wear just shirt or T-shirt and a pair of shorts or jeans.  However, hello, it’s wintertime.  Me being a person who cannot stand the coldness needs to wear a lot.

3. We don’t have heater at home.

That’s right.  We don’t have heater at home.  Well, we probably don’t really need it.  Sometimes cold air mass strikes and we gets like around 7-10℃ tho.  We all still need to wear a lot of clothes at home.  (My dad wears a big coat at home, ha!) Therefore, winter is rather dreadful for me, even at home.

That’s my 5 Things On Sunday.  Yes, I lied to you.  I said that there would be 5 things I disliked about winter.  Nonetheless, it turns out that I don’t hate winter enough.  Or maybe I’m just a person who rarely complains.  That comes out wrong.  I’m a person who complains about almost everything, hahaha!  You’ll see!

Okay.  I guess this is it.  Have a nice day and I’ll see you next time.  👋 bye bye

xoxo Remi 


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