Review : History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

You’re still alive in alternate universes, Theo, but I live in the real world where this morning you’re having an open casket funeral. I know you’re out there, listening. And you should know I’m really pissed because you swore you would never die and yet here we are. It hurts even more because this isn’t the first promise you’ve broken. 
OCD-afflicted seventeen-year-old, Griffin, has just lost his first love – his best friend, ex-boyfriend and the boy he believed to be his ultimate life partner – in a drowning accident. In a desperate attempt to hold onto every last piece of the past, a broken Griffin forges a friendship with Theo’s new college boyfriend, Jackson. And Griffin will stop at nothing to learn every detail of Theo’s new college life, and ultimate death. But as the grieving pair grows closer, readers will question Griffin’s own version of the truth – both in terms of what he’s willing to hide, and what true love ultimately means…


‘Sweetly devastating, passionately honest, and breathtakingly human. Only Adam Silvera could have written this story’ Becky Albertelli, author of Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda


‘Mandatory reading’ New York Times

‘A gut-wrenching story telling of race and sexuality’ Guardian

‘Silvera managed to leave me smiling after totally breaking my heart. Unforgettable’

‘Poignant . . . So engrossing that once you start it, you won’t be able to put it down. Don’t say we didn’t warn you’

‘This is a cry-on-the-subway book, so watch out’

‘Silvera is a phenomenal talent and is destined to be a star’ Juno Dawson, author of This Book Is Gay 

(From: Goodreads)

Title: History Is All You Left Me 
Author: Adam Silvera 

Genres: YA, contemporary, romance, mental-illness 

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (UK), 2017

Edition: paperback 

Pages: 292

⭐⭐⭐ shiny stars

I was drawn to the title of this book.  It seems sad and I always love a sad story.  Besides, the cover which everyone posted on their blog reviews is cute.

I ordered this book from local online bookstore where the cover of this book was yet to revealed.  I had no idea that my book could be sooooo gorgeous.  You can see the UK cover on top of this post.

It’s a story about grieving and learning how to move on.  The writing of this book is beautiful.  I like history and today puzzled up the whole story.


Griffin I hate to say this but, honestly, I really really don’t like you.  I know that you’re depressed that Theo died.  I can’t say I understand what you’ve been through.  However, you disgust me with your hypocrisy.  You keep saying how much you love Theo yet look what you’ve done.

Theo You’re a ghost that everyone missed dearly.  I can see that you didn’t love Griffin as much as he loved you.  He knew what you’d like, but you didn’t really know what he’d like.  The most unforgivable thing is what you taught Jackson.

Jackson You’re a very neutral character that everyone seems to have no opinion on.  I like you.  Probably it’s because the acceptance you gave for Griffin’s OCD.  Or maybe it’s just because I don’t really know you that much.

Wade I don’t know what I should say to you.  I barely know you.  But I guess I like you because you know Griffin’s favourite character in Harry Potter.  Because you care.  Because you’re so much better than Theo. 

The good of the book includes the writing and distinctive personality of each character.  In my opinion, the author tried too hard to squeeze the OCD into the story.  I think the OCD is unnecessary in this story.  Besides, I do not like the ending.  It’s just all too soon.  The whole book gives me the feels like ages, but not in reality.  Well…I probably shouldn’t be concerned about this since Griffin’s a hypocrite.  It’ll never be too soon for anything.

If you’re a person who loves contemporary and complications.  You should give this book a try.  If you don’t like complications and you hate the feeling of being screwed over, I strongly suggest you not touch this book.

So far, this is my review of History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera.  I do have more to say.  If you’re okay for spoilers, keep reading.  If you don’t want any spoilers, I’m here to bid you adieu.

Spoilers ahead





I really hate the way Griffin dealt with things.  He slept it off with someone.  He was angry with Theo dating Jackson, so he slept with Wade to try to forget about him.  It wasn’t fair to Wade since Wade had deep feelings for Griffin.  He was angry with Theo teaching all the intimate techniques to Jackson, so he slept with Jackson for revenge.  It wasn’t fair for Jackson since Jackson was just the receiver.

Griffin was a big problem himself.  This character is broken-minded.  I don’t think anyone could fix him.  Only he himself could.  And the condition is that he gets his shit together first.


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