Review : The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella 

Becky Bloomwood has a fabulous flat in London’s trendiest neighborhood, a troupe of glamorous socialite friends, and a closet brimming with the season’s must-haves. The only trouble is, she can’t actually afford it—not any of it. Her job writing at Successful Saving magazine not only bores her to tears, it doesn’t pay much at all. And lately Becky’s been chased by dismal letters from the bank—letters with large red sums she can’t bear to read. She tries cutting back. But none of her efforts succeeds. Her only consolation is to buy herself something . . . just a little something.

Finally a story arises that Becky actually cares about, and her front-page article catalyzes a chain of events that will transform her life—and the lives of those around her—forever.  (From: Goodreads)

This is the fourth book, the third chick-lit, that I read from Sophie Kinsella.  

I see a pattern now.  

The first chick-lit I read from her was I’ve Got Your Number.  I loved this book so much because the protagonist, Poppy, was so funny and cute.  

However, after I read some books of Kinsella.  I couldn’t tell the protagonists apart.  Their character was the same.  Even their male love-interests were all the same type.  

Okay, enough of talking about these books.  Let’s focus on this book!

In the story, Rebecca was an extremely irresponsible person.  She made up lies over lies.  She saw good stuff and she wanted to buy!  My god! 

Star-rating: ❇❇

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like to go shopping.  Let me know whether Rebecca’s experience resonates with yours.

Till next time, bye.


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