10 Things I’m Thankful For

Happy late Thanksgiving, guys!  Did you have a good time yesterday?

My club (Model United Nations) held a Thanksgiving dinner last night.  It was my first Thanksgiving dinner!  It was really nice even though we didn’t have turkey.  Honestly, I haven’t tasted turkey before.

10 Things I’m Thankful For:

🍗 my parents for letting me go travelling.  since we don’t have much money, i can only travel with agency, without my parents.

🍗 my dog for being the one to cheer me up when I go back home. 

🍗 BBC Radio for having such awesome radio stations.  i’m currently obsessed with it.

🍗 Sam Hunt for creating great songs.  yes.  it’s official.  my favourite singer has changed from Taylor Swift to Sam Hunt.  don’t worry.  it might change back.  

(current ranking:

1.  Sam Hunt

2. Charlie Puth

3. Lorde

4. Taylor Swift

5. The Vamps)

🍗 TV series for keeping my life on track.  believe it or not, I count my horrible semester by TV series.  psychology is so difficult!!!  

🍗 Spider-Man for being the most addictive cellular game.

🍗 James Dashner for writing cool sci-fi novels.  for those who dislike the maze runner, damn you!  (jk…)

🍗 Detective (Elizabth) Chase for being the protagonist in my novel.

🍗 Peter for being my best best best friend.  she’s (that’s right.  Peter’s a girl) the funniest person I’ve ever known.

🍗 me for being alive.


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