2016 Winter  TV Series Tag

Hey, guys.  It’s Remi here.  I’ve been MIA  for quite a long time.  My confession is that I’ve been busy, tired, and lazy.  I haven’t read any books for two months. I’ve been watching TV series, yeah!

You can condemn me if you want.  

Oh, besides, I had a new haircut.

Today, I bring you this TV series tag and hope you’ll like it.

1. Best TV Pilot


After I finished the pilot, I was immediately in love with this show.

2. Worst TV Pilot

Pretty Little  Liars

I’ve watched the pilot for three times.  Not until the third time did I finally finish it.

3. Best Series Finale


I’ve heard a lot of people say that the ending is bad, but I love it pretty much.  How else would you have it end?

4. Worst Series Finale 


This is very twisted.  The show just left us hanging there with a gunshot sound in the end.  What exactly happened?  If you’re not gonna have another season, the finale has to be good.

5. Favourite TV Actress

Lana Parrilla 

She plays Regina Mills/Evil Queen on Once Upon A Time.

6. Favourite TV Actor

Matthew Gray Gubler 

He plays Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds.

7. Most Disappointing Cancellation


I found this show last December and I loved it.  I caught up with season 8.  Soon after, due to Stana Katic decided to leave the show, Castle came to an end.  I was devastated (since my favourite CSI had come to an end last September).

8. Best Opening Titles 


Yea yea yea, I know Game Of Thrones’s opening is great, but I think it’s too long.

Watch Westworld opening here ⬇

9. Favourite Female Character

Julie Finlay 

Finn showed up in the twelfth season of CSI.  

I like her because she’s smart and fun.

10. Favourite Male Character

Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash 

I have so many favourite male characters…haha, but Barry is on the top of the list.

11. Least Favourite Character

Dr. Hannibal Lecter 

A massive apology to all the Hannibal fans.  I just really don’t like him.  Why he turned Will into a monster like him?  Why why why???

12. TV Crush 

Greg Sanders 

Greg was in CSI.  The reason why I liked him…I guess it’s because he was the youngest one in the show.  Noted: it’s all past tense.

13. Favourite Teen TV Show 

Teen Wolf 

I love this show so so so much.

I don’t know it’s me feeling this way or it’s just like this.  It seems to me that there aren’t so many teen TV series.

14. Fastest Binge Watch 


I finished the whole show in no time in February this year during our Chinese lunar new year.

15. Favourite Show Of All Time 

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Honestly, I like it better when Russell was the team leader and also when Finn was here.

16. Show I Regret Watching 


Again, my apologies to Hannibal’s fans.  I finished watching the whole show and found it a really huge waste of my time.  I don’t know why I even did that.  

17. Favourite Animated Show 

Phineas & Ferb 

It’s my childhood.  I still love it.

18. Favourite Guilty Pleasure Show 

2 Broke Girls

This is a guilty pleasure show because there are too many inappropriate jokes.  But some of them are very funny.  

19. Favourite Mini Series 

Jekyll & Hyde 

If you thought I was gonna say Sherlock, you know you were wrong.  I do watch Sherlock, but I don’t like that show.  Shh…don’t tell Benedict.  I think it’s boring.

20. Character Whose Wardrobe I’d Most Like To Steal 

Spencer Hastings 

Spencer is a character from Pretty Little Liars.  All you need to know is I don’t like the show, but I do like their clothes, especially Spencer’s.

21. Show I’d Most Like To Be On 

Criminal Minds 

I’ve always wanted to be a killer, but I cannot be one in real life.  It’s not because I don’t want to go to jail.  It’s because I’m not physically capable of being one.  I don’t have much strength.

22. Favourite Sit-Com 

Friday Night Dinner 

It’s a British family comedy.  It’s the funniest show I’ve ever watched.  The characters are all hilarious.

23. Favourite Sci-Fi Show 

The Flash 

I love running.  Running is my favourite sport.  I’m not talking about jogging.  I love the speed.  Therefore, when I learnt that there was this superhero who could run very fast, I couldn’t help loving him.

24. Favourite Supernatural Show 

Teen Wolf 

There are so many weird creatures in this show.  I can’t believe that it’s coming to an end.  Season 6 will start next week.

25. Favourite Thriller Show 


I love Scream.  I’ve never watched the movies before.  It’s interesting to watch Scream, to guess who’s gonna die next, to guess who’s the killer.

26. Favourite TV Theme Song 

Teen Wolf 

Listen to the song here ⬇

27. Favourite TV Quote 

Mr. Gold: I don’t have time for everyone else.  And if I have to choose between everyone else and me, me wins every time.

Watch the clip here ⬇

28. Character That I Resemble The Most 


The king of hell is bad, but he’s not THAT bad.

29. The First TV Show I Watched 

CSI S12E14 Seeing Red 

When I was 16 which means…3 years ago I started to watch TV  series.

30. Ultimate OTP Of All TV Series 

Barry Allen & Iris West 

This is for sure.  Yes, I do like Barry, but he and Iris are meant to be together.

31. Character I’d Like To Take Out On A Date 

Noah Foster 

Noah loves serial killers.  Me too!  He’s perfect.

32. Ended TV Shows that Deserve An Extra Season 

The Lying Game 

It’s incomplete, ladies!  I need a better explanation.


As I’ve already mentioned before, you can’t leave me still thinking about the unclear ending.

Eye Candy 

The ending is sorta complete.  However, it’d be better if there’s a second season.

33. TV Shows That I’m Waiting For 

Chicago Justice 

Chicago TV series are all good, so I’m really looking forward to this legal drama.

Famous In Love 

Bella Thorne is in this show! 


I’ve heard that it’s a sci-fi show.  I’m always interested in sci-fi shows.

34. New In-Love TV Series 

Man With A Plan 

I only know that he played Joey on Friends.  And I’ve only watched two episode of Friends. Nevertheless, this show is funny.  Yay!

Stranger Things 

Of course we all love Stranger Things.  I didn’t watch it right when it came out.  I waited for a few weeks.  But damn, this show is dope!  I love Eleven!


To solve crimes from the media and the lawyer.  It’s a brand new idea of a crime show, gripping and amazing.

This show is delicate, very.  Or let’s just say that every HBO’s show is delicate.  I haven’t got time to finish Game Of  Thrones. It’s good that now I can keep up with Westworld.  A different sci-fi.  A  different world.

I know, I know, you guys are probably be like Phlip and Lukas!!!  Please stop.  I love them.  My point is…don’t you think the killer is hot?


Class is a Doctor Who spin-off.  I consider it better than Doctor Who since I can see more blood here.


This is a new show to me since I didn’t notice it last year.  I love Buddy.  He’s so funny and ridiculously clever.

Lethal Weapon 

This show had better be gonna have a hell lot of seasons because it has just become one of my favourite crime shows.  

The broken Martin Riggs got me like OMG every time.

35. Shows That I’ve Re-Watched 

Teen Wolf Season 3

It’s not that I enjoy watching Allison die.  I really don’t know why, but I’ve rewatched this season multiple times.

This show is my ultimate love.  I haven’t finished the whole series, but I rewatched season 5-7 five or six times.  

S12E19 Split Decisions is by far my favourite episode.  I’ve rewatched it seven times. 


I’ve rewatched Bones’ first 4 seasons twice.  The first time was me myself watching.  The second time was me accompanying my parents watching.

36. TV Show That I’d Watched But Later Gave Up On After A While 

Pretty  Little Liars

It was hard to get into this weird nonsense A killing story.  Before I finally about to give in to the plots, I got bored out of this mess.

37. Character I’d Like To Be For A Day 

Sam Winchester

I’ve thought about this question for a long time.  And I finally choose to be Sam.  Because I want to go hunting with Dean!  Yeah!  And I can meet Castiel and Crowley!

How do you think?  Do you watch any TV series?  

Share your thoughts with me!

I’ll see you next time.  Have a nice weekend.


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