3 Fictional Characters That I Resemble To The Most 

Hey, guys.  This is Remi.  I know I’ve been absent for a long time, again.  

My sophomore year is kinda busy.  I have become kinda lazy.  After a stressful day, I tend to watch tv series, instead of torturing myself to read.

I don’t know why.  However, recently, once I open a book, I begin to feel sleepy.

Guilty as charged.

So, today I’m gonna talk about 3 fictional characters that I resemble to the most.  

I’m being very honest here.

First thing first, you need to know that the characters you resemble to the most doesn’t mean the characters you like the most.  Okay?  Just be honest!!!

1. Severus Snape (fr. Harry Potter series)

I know that I can totally go undercover, try to get the information, and make people think I’m a bad guy.  The truth is I’m really not that bad.  Despite me hating a person, I might still help him with gritted teeth for good cause.

(My favourite Harry Potter characters timeline: 

In the first two books, I love Hermione because she’s so smart.

In the third book, I love Lupin because he’s the best professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts. 

In the fourth book, I don’t have a favourite character.

In the fifth book, Serius is first my favourite character because his house is awesome!  Then I also like Bellatrix because she killed off my favourite character.  I know…my logic is weird.

In the last two books, Bellatrix remains on my top list.)

2. Crowley (fr. Supernatural)

Do you hate Crowley?  If you watched all 11 seasons, maybe not so much.

I know that I am not a good person.  However, when situations aren’t in my way, I’ll team up with the people I cannot fully trust.  To survival!

(My favourite Supernatural characters timeline:

Before Castiel showed up, my favourite character had been Dean.)

3. Rumpelstiltskin (fr. Once Upon A Time)

What’s the first adjective that comes to your mind when I say this name?


Yes.  You’re right.  I’m gonna get rid of everything that’s in my way, by all means.  And the same, sometimes I have to team-up with someone to make things easier by…making deals.

How about you?  Who do you resemble to the most?



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