Book Questions Thread

Hello, lovely people.  How are you?  I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently.  I’m suffering from urticaria.  I’ve felt tired and horrible these days.

Anyways.  Today I came across this on @MAKEAWISHHARRY .  It seems interesting, so I decided to actually write down all my answers here.

1. Favourite Dystopia Series?

 James Dashner – The Maze Runner series

Yes.  I’m a sucker for TMR.  I love it soooo much and I can’t wait to read The Fever Code.

2. Favourite Book Series Ever?

 J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter series

If you haven’t read it, shame on you.  Go read it!  It’s seriously awesome!!!

3. First Fictional Crush?

 Very HaHa on this one.  I’ve never had any crush on anyone.  (And to be honest, I don’t know what “crush” is.)

Maybe I can change this question to the first fictional character I like.


Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series

4. Favourite Female Fictional Characters?

 Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter series

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter series

Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson & The Olympians series 

Meg from Ten by Gretchen McNeil

Yes.  I do like Bellatrix because she is (was?) super bad!  

Meg and me have a lot in common.  LOL.

5. Favourite Male Fictional Characters?

 Andrew Brawley from Five Stages Of Andrew Brawley

Voldemort from Harry Potter series

Jonas Agallon from Falling Kingdoms series

Yes.  I like villains.  Voldemort had so many ways to get to Harry.  He was so creative!

Andrew is a really sweet guy.  Like…very sweet.  I want to be his friend!

Jonas is just so cool.  I want to be just like him.

6. Top OTPs?

 I honestly don’t care about one-true-pairings because I don’t think there’s only one.  Okay, fine.

Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase 

7. Which Characters Would You Sell Your Soul For?

Yikes!  What kind of question is this?  Sell my soul for…so it should be a bad guy, like demons.

Well…I want to be a villain, but I don’t want to be a follower.  I am a leader!!!

Probably Valentine Morgenstern.

Because he seemed easy to cheat.   I could overthrow him easily.

8. Which Characters Would Punch You In The Face And You’d Probably Thank Them?

 Thomas from The Maze Runner series

I would stop him from killing Newt because I believed that there would be a cure.  

He would definitely punch me in the face.

I’d thank him because what I thought might never happen.

9. Which Characters Is Your Spirit Animal?

Uh…Okay.  A human to an animal.

Severus Snape from Harry Potter series

My personality is just like him.  Don’t judge me until you finish whole seven books.

10. A Book/Book Series Which Everyone Loves But You Hate?

 I have tons of unpopular opinions on books.

I don’t like 

Throne Of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas 

But I can read it. 

I don’t like 

Doon series by Lorie Langdon

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

An Ember In The Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir 

I can barely finish 100 pages of the first books.

11. Top NOTPs?

 I usually support the wrong side of a love triangle, so there are a lot of NOTPs for me out there.

Clary & Jace from TMI series 

I still hope that Clary would be with Simon.

Harry & Ginny from Harry Potter series

I honestly don’t know who Harry should be with, but definitely not Ginny.

Katy & Daemon from LUX series 

I just simply hate that alien guy.

12. A Book That Disappointed You?

 Cinder by Marissa Meyer

So many people told me that it was awesome and I should definitely read it.  I had high expectation of this book.  Tunrned out that I couldn’t even finish it.

13. Which Character Would You Help Bury A Body Without Asking Any Questions?

 Roth the Prince from The Dark Elements series 

He’s a demon, but he’s a good guy.  I believe that he always has good reasons to kill someone.

14. Have You Read Legend By Marie Lu?  Thoughts?

Yes, I’ve read it.  It wasn’t what I’d expected.  I was a little bit disappointed.

15. Which Fictional Character Do You Ship Yourself With?

Quentin Jacobsen from Paper Towns

I want to go on road trips with Q.  We can have a lot of fun!!!

16. What Are Your Thoughts On The Sudden Rise In Book To Film Adaptations?

Action and adventure ones are totally okay.  However, romance ones are just…I mean…there are already a lot of original movies about that topic.

17. Do You Think Shadowhunters Is A Good Adaptation Of The TMI Books?

I guess it’s okay.  I lost my interest in the series after the first four episodes.

18. Which Fictional Character Would You Give To The Dementors?

Princess Amara.

I really hate her.  She’s the most hateful fictional character ever!

19. Do You Like Sad Back Stories?

Not really.   I just like simple sad stories.

20. Do You Think Representation In Books Is Important Or Are You Indifferent Towards It?

I don’t understand what ‘representation in books’ mean.  😦

21. Have You Read The Darkest Minds?  Thoughts?

Nope.  I haven’t.  And I didn’t plan to buy it.  

Do you think I should read it?

22. If You Were Going To Take Over The World And Could Pick Any Character To Help You.  Who Would It Be?

Draco Malfoy.  He’s the follower and a coward.  I’m gonna control his mind so that he’ll do whatever I say.

23. The Wizardry World Is Real But You’re A Squib OR You’re A Wizard But You Die Before You Go To Hogwarts?

The first one.  The wizardry world is real but I’m a squib.

It’ll be a torture if I can never go to Hogwarts.  (Or if I die young?)

24. Which Other Character From Another Book/Movie Is Likely To Make Horcruxes?

Sebastian Morgenstern.

He was pure evil.  He would definitely do something like that if he could.

25. Harry Potter : Sirius Black Doesn’t Go To Azkaban (He Brings Up Harry), But Ginny Weasley Doesn’t Exist.  Yes Or No?


I don’t like Ginny.  I don’t care.

26. Which Fictional Character Do You Feel Embarrassed For?

Louisa Clark.

She went to take care of Will, fell for him, hoping he’d change his mind.  

But in the end, nothing happened.  Well…she failed to actually be with Will and she got a broken heart.

So embarrassing…at least she earned some money.

27. Sassy Socially Awkward Boys OR Arrogant Cocky Boys With Sad Back Stories?

Sassy socially awkward boys.

I hate arrogant cocky guys!!!!!  I don’t care whether they have sad back stories or not.

28. Stefan Or Damon?

I haven’t watched The Vampire Diaries.  (Just the first two episodes, 3 months ago.)

So far, I like Stefan better.

29. A Fictional Character You Would Kill For?

I wouldn’t kill for anyone.  They should kill for ME.  If I’m a villain, I’ll be the leader.

30. A Fictional Character You Would Die For?

Nah.  I’ll never die for anyone.  That’s a stupid thing to do.

31. What’s The Most Hilarious/Childish Thing A Book Villain Has Done?

Well…I don’t know.  What does ‘childish thing’ mean???

32. What Do You Think About Sequel Or Prequel Series?  Does The Essence Of The World Wear Out In Case Of Too Many Books In The Same World?

I like reading prequels.

Uh…yeah.  It may be a problem.

33. TOG – Who Do You Ship Aelin With?

Aelin is Celaena, right?  (I kinda forget about it.)

Chaol.  I like Chaol better.

34. Favourite Brotp Ever.  Friendship Goals?

Thomas & Newt from The Maze Runner series

You can see it in The Death Cure !!!

35. Which Characters Do You Love But You Would Also Love To Punch Them In The Face?

Theodore Finch.

I do love him.  But…the choice he made???  I really want to punch him in the face.

36. Thoughts On The Dystopia Genre?

I’m tired of it and I currently don’t want to read any dystopia stuff.  I want to read down contemporary.  (After my urticaria tho) 

37. A Series Everyone Hates But You Love?

Fallen series by Lauren Kate

I haven’t re-read it yet, but I was liking it when I read it.

38. A Character Who Is 100% Gay?

Simon Spier from Simon & The Homo Sapien Agenda

39. Favourite Gay?

Andrew Brawley from Five Stages Of Andrew Brawley

He’s such a sweet friend that everyone would want!

40. Most Intriguing Book/Plot/Character?

Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes

I love this series so much.  Can’t wait for the fifth book!

That’s all for today.  Thank you for reading it.  I’ll see you next time.

Happy Reading, Guys ~ 😀 


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