15 Fictional Charaters That I’m Obsessed With

Hey, guys.  I’ve been absent on my blog for a while, so I decided to share something interesting with you.

Here are 15 fictional characters that I’m obsessed with.  

1. Richard Castle 

from Castle 

Castle is just so funny.  I want him to be my dad!!!  My life would be so perfect 💚

2. Dr. Spencer Reid 

from Criminal Minds 

Spence is sometimes serious in a funny way.  He’s incredibly smart and cute 💚

3. Quentin Jacobsen

from Paper Towns 

Going on road trips with Q will be so cool!!! 💚

4. Barry Allen

from The Flash 

Barry is a superhero.  I’m jealous of him because he can run super fast.  He’s so sweet 💚

5. David Hodges 

from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Hodges is annoying but a fun guy to work with 💚

6. Nathan Wuornos 

from Haven 

Nathan is sweet guy.  However, I like his ability of not able to feel any touch.  I think it’s kinda good 💚

7. Noah Foster 

from Scream 

Noah shares the same interest with me.  We can definitely have some chats for hours 💚

8. Dr. Lance Sweets 

from Bones 

Sweets is a easy-going person.  Was.  It broke my heart when he died.  I really like him 💚

9. Jonas Agallon 

from Falling Kingdoms series

Jonas is amazing!  He is amazing!  He’s strong and all that 💚

10. Peter Parker 

from Spiderman 

He is one of my favourite superheroes.  He’s geeky but nice 💚

11. D.B. Russell 

from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Russell is just so interesting!  I love CSI much better when Russell is there 💚

12. Andrew Brawley

from Five Stages Of Andrew Brawley

Andrew is such a sweet person.  He’s really sweet.  I like him very much 💚

13. Patrick Jane

from The Mentalist 

Oh, Patrick.  I really like him.  He’s so cool.  I want to be just like him! 💚

14. Stiles Stilinski 

from Teen Wolf

Stiles is sarcastically funny.  He’s just perfect for me 💚

15. Sam Roxton 

from I’ve Got Your Number

Sam is a sweet sweet guy.  If you’ve ever read this book, your like him too 💚 

That’s all for now.  I hope you like it.  I’ll see you soon.

Happy reading, guys ~ πŸ˜€ 


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