Most Likely To…Book Tag

Hey, guys!  This is Remi.  Today I decided to do the Most Likely To…Book Tag.  I came across this on a website.

For this tag, in each round you need three random characters and three random things to do.

I have a lot of weird ideas, so I believe that you’ll enjoy this tag.

[Round 1]

  • Dan Crowford from Asylum series
  • Riley Cavanaugh from Symptoms Of Being Human
  • Sebastian Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments series

  • Cry in a movie 
  • Suffer from urticaria 
  • Beat someone up in a bar

I think Sebastian is mostly like to beat someone up in a bar because he is just a badass.

Riley is most likely to cry in a movie because Riley is a person who cares.

Dan is most likely to suffer from urticaria.  Yeah, I know.  Poor Dan.

    [Round 2]

    • Rachel Watson from The Girl On The Train
    • Clarke Griffin from The 100 series 
    • Princess Lia from The Kiss Of Deception series 

    • Be a creepy stalker 
    • Instagram about everything 
    • Smoke weeds 

    Rachel is most likely to be a creepy stalker.  Well…she has already been one.

    Princess Lia is most likely to instagram about everything because she is on a adventure now.  Everything is new to her.

    Clarke is most likely to smoke weeds.  I’m sorry, Clarke, but you just look like you smoke weeds.

      [Round 3]

      • Voldemort from Harry Potter series
      • Kylie Galen from Shadow Falls series 
      • Violet Lasting from The Lone City series

      • Love hiking 
      • Pickpocket at a train station
      • Prepare an awesome Thanksgiving dinner 

      Violet is most likely to prepare an awesome Thanksgiving dinner because I believe she is good at it.

      Kylie is most likely to love hiking because she’s at a camp.

      Voldemort is most likely to pickpocket at a triangle station.  I know it is impossible.  However, this is the worst of the three.

        [Round 4]

        • Day from Legend series 
        • Nick from Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
        • Margo Roth Spiegelman from Paper Towns

        • Be on a road trip hunting with Sam & Dean 
        • Have tons of stuffed animals in the bedroom 
        • Join law enforcement

        Margo is most likely to be on a road trip hunting with Sam & Dean.  She seems like a girl who can be a great huntress.

        Day is most likely to join law enforcement although he’s now running away from it.

        Nick is most likely to have tons of stuffed animals in the bedroom.

          [Round 5]

          • Celaena Sadorthien from Throne Of Glass series
          • Greg Heffley from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series 
          • Louisa Clark from Me Before You 

          • Be a huge fan of Teen Wolf 
          • Listen to Justin Bieber’s songs 
          • Build the best amusement park 

          Greg is most likely to listen to Justin Bieber’s songs.

          Louisa is most likely to be a huge fan of Teen Wolf (though I don’t really think so).

          Celaena is most likely to build the best amusement park.  I know it totally makes no sense.  Haha.

            [Round 6]

            • Michael from The Mortality Doctrine series 
            • Teresa from The Maze Runner series
            • Max Vandenburg from The Book Thief

            • Sing lovesongs with a guitar 
            • Dance to R&B 
            • Watch SpongeBob SquarePants all day 

            Max is most likely to sing lovesongs with a guitar (if he isn’t hiding from Nazi).

            Teresa is most likely to dance to R&B.  Well…it’s hard to imagine.

            Michael is most likely to watch SpongeBob SquarePants all day.

              [Round 7]

              • Simon Spier from Simon V.S. The Homo Sapien Agenda 
              • Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games series
              • Four from Divergent series

              • Swear in every sentence 
              • Win a lottery but lose the ticket 
              • Open an art gallery 

              Simon is most likely to open an art gallery because he seems to be the most artistic guy of three.

              Four is most likely to swear in every sentence.

              Peeta is most likely to win a lottery but lose the ticket because it sounds like the thing he does.

                [Round 8]

                • Jeremiah Fisher from The Summer I Turned Pretty series 
                • Kady Grant from Illuminae series 
                • Alex Stewart from Love, Rosie 

                • Get a tattoo on the neck 
                • Admire Darth Vader
                • Hold parties twice a week 

                Jeremiah is most likely to hold parties twice a week because he has a summer house.

                Kady Grant is most likely to admire Darth Vader because she lives on a spaceship.

                Alex is most likely to get a tattoo on the neck because I don’t think he’d hold parties twice a week nor admire Darth Vader.

                  [Round 9]

                  • America Singer from The Selection series 
                  • Magnus Lukas Damora from Falling Kingdoms series
                  • Zayne from The Dark Elements series

                  • Run for a president 
                  • Go to church on Sunday
                  • Have lots of dogs as pets 

                  Zayne is most likely to go to the church on Sunday because he is a gargoyle.

                  Magnus is most likely to run for a president (if he lives in the States rather than Mytica).

                  America is most likely to have lots of dogs as pets.

                    [Round 10]

                    • Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices series
                    • Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland
                    • Luke Castellan from Percy Jackson & The Olympians series

                    • Enjoy torturing people
                    • Learn to speak ancient Egyptian 
                    • Be a plumber 

                    Tessa is most likely to enjoy torturing people.  Please don’t hate on me.  I have my point.  She let two guys fight over her!!!  

                    Luke is most likely to learn to speak ancient Egyptian.  Since he can manage to speak ancient Greek, I think it’s easy for him to learn ancient Egyptian.

                    Mad Hatter is most likely to be a plumber.  Maybe he can change his profession when he is tired of making hats.

                      It’s fun, isn’t it?  Hope you enjoy it.  I’ll see you next time.

                      Happy reading, guys ~ 😀 


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