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There are so so so many characters with good stories out there.  We all want to trade our places with anyone in Hogwarts.  Here I’d like to share with you: characters I’d NEVER want to trade places with.

1. Sebastian Morgenstern

– from The Mortal Instruments series

Seb was a badass.  We don’t like him and probably won’t even think about trading place with him.

However, I did consider about this.  I wouldn’t do it though.  He was evil, indeed.  Nevertheless, in the end, his origin self showed while he was dying.

I don’t want to be so evil and finally regret about all of it, but I’m about to die.  I don’t want my life to be so dark.

2. MacKenna Reid 

– from Doon series 

I don’t want to be Ken because I don’t want a crappy best friend as she did.

Yes, that’s right.  It’s all about Veronica.

In the book, Vee wanted to go to the secret kingdom so bad because she believed she could meet Prince Jamie the Bastard.  That guy treated her like shit.

I don’t want to have a friend who only think about herself and want me to be by her side all the time.  I mean…what about my internship???

3. Celaena Sardothien 

– from Throne Of Glass series

Be an assassin?  Sure.  But be Celaena Sardothien the Assassin?  No thanks.

I am an assassin.  I’ll learn more about the skills.  I don’t have time for romance shows and reading novels!  I want to be extremely professional that someday I’ll be able to assassinate the King myself.

Besides, she was a fae!  I hate faes!

4. Quentin Jacobsen 

– from Paper Town

Q was a nice person.  He can be a good friend, a good partner, and maybe even a good boyfriend.

I don’t want to be him though.  I don’t want to spend a great deal of time caring about someone who actually doesn’t even put you in mind.  It is a torture!

5. Anna Oliphant

– from Anna & The French Kiss

Anna, oh, Anna.  Stupid stupid Anna.

I don’t want to be as idiotic as her.  It’s oui not wee!!!  I don’t want to be the third person in a relationship.  I don’t trust a cheater and I definitely won’t fall in love with a cheater.

6. Jonas Agallon 

– from Falling Kingdoms series

Jonas is my favourite character in the series, but I really don’t want to trade places with him.

His brother had got killed in front of him.  He was the rebel leader, but he hadn’t succeeded yet.  He had feeling for Cleo, but he knew he could never be with her.  He finally got a close female friend who was kinda Kirk his girlfriend.  Well…she got burnt up.  He got betrayed, but he had to forgive that person because they got bigger thing to worry about.  He had to work with his enemies since they all had bigger enemies to fight against.

Oh, my my.  I can’t even be myself, have what I want and do what I want.

7. Louisa Clark

– from Me Before You

I don’t want to love somebody who loves himself more than anything.

Yeah, I get it.  Will was disabled, but still…I can’t!

8. Katniss Everdeen 

– from The Hunger Games series

In the final, I win.  But I don’t like the whole way here.

I love this story, but, of course, I don’t want to live in it!  If I really love my sister that much, when she died in front of my eyes, I will break.  I may still defeat the government, but I’ll never be the same.  I’ll be soulless.

9. Theodore Finch

– from All The Bright Places

Poor Finch.  He saved Violet.  However, the person he saved, he liked, couldn’t save him.

I don’t want to be like Finch, so painful.  In my head are all awful thoughts.  I wish someone could save me, but no one really knows about me.

10. You 

– from Blackbird

The story is told from the second person.  YOU.

I don’t want to be YOU.  I don’t want to wake up on the railway.  I don’t want to trust somebody who turned out to be someone I shouldn’t have trusted.  I don’t want to run and hide because people are trying to kill me.  I don’t want to not know who I am.

That’s all for today.  Let me know if there’s any character you’d never want to trade places with.

Happy reading, guys ~ 😀 


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