Topics That Will Make Me Not Pick Up A Book | Top X Day 

1. Alien/Spaceship 

I’m totally okay with sci-fi, especially high-tech.  I love it very much.

I don’t like aliens.  LUX series kinda ruined them for me.  I’ve read Obsidian and The 5th Wave.  I didn’t enjoy them.  I guess I won’t pick up any alien books.

I don’t like spaceships.  It’s just boring.  How can you possibly find anything interesting inside a spaceship?  Right, you can’t.  I DNF Illuminae.  I guess that I won’t read any spaceship book, ever.  However, I’ll buy Gemina because it looks pretty.

2. Everyone Is Hot 

It doesn’t make sense that everyone is hot.  Someone should be geeky, someone should be average, and someone should be short.  It’s ridiculous  that every guy is talk + dark + handsome and every girl is pretty + perfect hair + nice body.  It’s not scientific at all!!!

3. Drug/Ganster 

I love crime shows very much.  My favourites are Castle and CSIs (and any crime shows made by CBS)

However, I’m not interesting in drugs when it comes to reading.  Drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.  They’re just not good and I’m not that bored to read people’s life in rehab.

I don’t like gangsters.  I’m not interested in their stories.  I really really don’t like those stories.  I hate Perfect Chemistry trilogy.  I was about to die of embarrassment after I read the first book.  (The book cover is horrifying.  I don’t know how my sister can put it on her bookshelf.)

4. Stupid Female Protagonist Who Thinks She’s Cute

I hate the female protagonists being idiots.  Can’t they just have some brain?

In Jewel, she first met that guy and drew to him even though he seemed disgusted by her.

In Doon, she was attracted to the mysterious guy who turned out to be a douche prince who treated her like trash and yet she still hoped that she could be with him.

In Anna & The French Kiss, she arrived at the place where movies were originated and she was surprised, only wanting to watch American films.  She thought oui was spelled wee.  What an idiot!

Maybe you’re wondering whether I would hate stupid male character who thinks he’s cute.  Yeah.  I’d definitely hate him, but I haven’t read anything like that.  So that’s out of the picture.

5. Cheating/Affairs 

In real life, would you like a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend who has a lot of affairs?  Well, at least I wouldn’t.

In 99 Days, Molly was…OMG!!!  She cheated on the brothers again and again.  Does anyone really like to read that kind of story?

6. Teen Mom/Pregnant

I don’t like the idea of teen moms (or teen dad, no discrimination here).  Those girls in the stories were like…this baby is me and my boyfriend’s.  We’re gonna be together forever.  He loves me and I love him.  I go to school, but actually I don’t give a shit about my schoolwork.  I only care about my baby, oh, and my baby’s father.

I don’t like the idea of pregnancy like…oh my god, I’m pregnant!  I have no idea who the dad is.  After a few weeks…thank god I find the father, but he doesn’t want the baby.  I really love my now boyfriend.  However, he doesn’t want me and other guy’s kid.

Blah…Blah…Blah…boring stuff.  By the way, FIY, I hate babies.

7. Love At First Sight/Insta-love

I don’t believe in love at first sight.  It’s superficial.  You just saw a guy’s appearance, not even knowing his name, and you had this massive crush on him.  Luckily, he felt the same about you.  *rolling my eyes* Shallow!!!

I don’t get why so many books are written on this topic.  Why???  Even something like, I dreamed of a boy.  I can’t help it.  I’m falling in love with him.  What???

8. Time-Travel

I don’t like time-travel stories.  Once you made mistakes, you can’t change the past.  You have to learn the lessons.

9. Someone Important Of The Character Died

It’s not that I’m totally against this plot.  I don’t, actually.  However, please, please, please, if you have a dark past, or if you have something on your mind, just speak up!  Don’t play with other people’s hearts like that.  Do or do not.  You don’t be with a person and think about your damn problem when you’re in a relationship.  You should clear your complication before having a relationship, instead of dragging someone down with you.

10. Romance

I don’t like romance.  Chick-lit is okay, just don’t give me detailed physical scenes including kissing and touching.  I feel extremely uncomfortable reading those things.  Just mention, and I’ll get the idea.

I don’t like to read books with a huge part of romance because SURPRISE I don’t care.  Don’t give me detailed physical scenes, thanks.


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