Review : Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophie Kinsella


Emma is like every girl in the world. She has a few little secrets.

Secrets from her mother:
1. I lost my virginity in the spare bedroom to Danny Nussbaum while Mum and Dad were downstairs watching Ben Hur.

…From her boyfriend:
2. I’m a size twelve. Not a size eight, like Connor thinks.
3. I’ve always thought Connor looks a bit like Ken. As in Barbie and Ken.

…From her colleagues:
4. When Artemis really annoys me, I feed her plant orange juice. (Which is pretty much every day)
5. It was me who jammed the copier that time. In fact, all the times.

…Secrets she wouldn’t share with anyone in the world:
6. My G string is hurting me.
7. I faked my Maths GCSE grade on my CV.
8. I have no idea what NATO stands for. Or even what it is…

…until she spills them all to a stranger on a plane. At least, she thought he was a stranger… (From: Goodreads)

Title: Can You Keep A Secret?

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Genres: contemporary, chick-lit, romance, sit-com

Publisher: Black Swan

Edition: Paperback, 2003

Pages: 364 pages

*!!!3 out of 5 stars!!!*

Funny. Interesting. A happy read.

Emma thought she was gonna die on that plane, so she spilt all her secrets to a complete stranger sitting next to her. However, he turned out to be her boss. What’s worse? He remembered every secret Emma shared with him.


I’ve read only two works of Sophie. One is Finding Audrey, and the other is I’ve Got Your Number. Finding Audrey is a young adult book. To my opinion, it’s sweet but not funny as Sophie’s chick-lit. I really love I’ve Got Your Number.
This time, I picked up another chick-lit to see if I was really into Sophie’s works. I chose Can You Keep A Secret. The idea of the story was just so interesting. Everyone has secrets, little secrets or even darkest secrets. After reading this book, I figure that maybe secrets aren’t such a big deal.

Here are some of my secrets:

1. I want to go bareheaded.

best-blade-to-shave-head-feature.jpgSo that I don’t need to wash my hair anymore. Hooray!!! However, my mom said she would be ashamed of me and forbad me to do it.

2. I am a huge fan of Teen Wolf.

I watch each episode three times. I try to recite the lines and act the scenes out just for fun.  I used to love Isaac and I bought a Lacey14 gray hoodie.  My favourite character is Stiles.  He’s so funny.

3. I don’t eat breakfast. 
I didn’t eat breakfast, either, although my parents thought I did. I used to feed my dog my sandwiches or toasts or bread.


(His name is Allen.  He was 2 or 3 years old.  I was about 9 or 10.)

4. I’m afraid of butterflies.

That’s why I really want to see Before I Wake. It’ll definitely creep me out. Yes. I’m afraid of butterflies. Well…I used to be afraid of moths, but not anymore. No. I’m not afraid of cockroaches, spiders, or other insects.

5. I tried to do bookstagram but failed.

I just don’t know how to take pictures of books and make them look good!!!

The Characters:

Emma Corrigan: Emma was a marketing assistant at Panther Corporation. To be honest, her characteristic was like Poppy from I’ve Got Your Number. She was sunny and outgoing. However, Emma did a lot of weird things and a lot of thinking in her pretty little head, which were very funny.

When my colleague Artemis really annoys me, I feed her plant orange juice. (Which is pretty much every day.)

LOL! Who waters plants with orange juice?

Oh my God. Oh my God. I’m going out to dinner with Jack Harper. I just…I can’t believe —
Oh, who am I kidding? I knew this was going to happen. As soon as I heard he hadn’t gone to America.

Very very truthful. Good.


Jack Harper: Jack was the joint founder of the Panther Corporation and he invented Panther Cola. He was the one who knew Emma’s every secret. He was all so humorous when he teased Emma in the marketing department.

‘Hello,’ he says pleasantly.
‘Hello,’ I manage. ‘Mr Harper.’
OK, so he recognizes me. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he remembers anything I said.

Well…hate to disappoint you, Emma. He actually had a sharp memory.

‘How’s the coffee?’ he asks pleasantly. ‘Tasty?’
‘Like a tape recording in my head, I suddenly hear my own stupid voice, prattling on.
The coffee at work is the most disgusting stuff you’ve ever drink, absolute poison…’
‘It’s great!’ I say. ‘Really…delicious!’

See? Told you he remembered everything.

‘Wait a minute!’ says Jack, dawn breaking over his face. He stares at Connor as through seeing him for the first time. ‘Wait a minute. You’re Ken.’

Yep! Emma told Jack on the plane that she thought Connor looked like Ken (as in Barbie’s) in blonde hair.

Connor: Connor was tall, handsome, clever, and <i>one of the brightest spark</i>. He also worked in Panther. He had been Emma’s sweet boyfriend before Emma finally decided to break up with him. He started to become a different person. He desperately wanted to know who Emma’s new boyfriend was, so he made a lot of wild assumptions.

‘We could start calling each other “darling”,’ he says in an embarrassed rush.
‘What?’ I say blankly.

giphy (1).gif
Well…truth is that Connor first scared Emma with jazz concert which Emma actually really hated, and then he gave out a brand new too-much-to-take idea.

Lissy: She was Emma’s best friend and also her flatmate. She worked as a lawyer. She was very supportive, smart, and sweet. However, she had one little secret that she didn’t tell Emma.

Jemima: She was the other flatmate of Emma. She was pretty radical. She had the idea of letting men suffer planted deep in her brain.

‘A relationship is a game of chess,’ retorts Jemima, brushing mascara onto her lashes. ‘Mummy says you always have to look ahead. You have to plan strategically. If you make the wrong move, you’ve had it.’

Her mother was one hell of a woman as well!!!

Kerry: Kerry was Emma’s cousin. After her parents had died, she had come live with Emma’s family. Kerry had been 15 and Emma had been 10. She had always been so good at everything. Emma’s parents, Rachel and Brian, loved her very much.

‘But of course, fortunate for us here at the Panther Corporation,’ Jack adds cheerfully. ‘We’re very glad Emma didn’t make a career in the travel industry. So I guess I have to thank you, Kerry! As one business owner to another.’ He smiles at her. ‘You did us a big favour.’

Kerry owned a travel agency. When Emma hadn’t gotten any job and had needed her help, Kerry turned her down. She’s a bitch.


Katie: She was Emma’s friend from Personnel. She was lovely, but a little bit silly.

‘I should have realized when he asked me if I had any experience in plumbing or roofing.’
‘When did he ask you that?’ I say incredulously.
‘On our first date!’

Katie went on dates with this guy called Charlie. Last week, he asked if Katie would love to go to his house. Katie agreed. So…Katie went to his house and Charlie went to play golf. He asked Katie to help him paint a room. JESUS!!! And Katie did paint his room.


Connor’s Big Crush:
Connor had this big crush on Jack. He was very very very excited to meet the big boss. He had been liking Jack so much so much. He kept guessing who Emma’s new boyfriend was, but it never occurred to him that it was Jack. LOL!

Lissy’s Top Secret:
She was learning how to dance a ballet with a French guy named Sean-Paul!!! Why being all so secretive??? I’d love to learn how to dance. I don’t even know how to move my body, haha!!!

Discussion: (spoiler alert!!!)
How do you think about Jack spilling Emma’s secrets on TV interview?
At first, I thought it was totally not okay. See, poor Emma was taunted by her colleagues and friends. But later, I found that it really wasn’t a big deal since most of the people didn’t know who Jack was referring to, right?

I gave this book three out of five stars. I recommend this book to everyone who loves Sophie’s works, who is currently tired of YA, or who wants to have a good laugh.

Happy reading, guys ~:D


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