The Bookshelf Tag

1. Describe your bookshelf and where you got it from?


My bookshelf technically isn’t a bookshelf.  (or bookshelves?) It’s built-in shelf from ground to ceiling by Order.  I actually want to tear it down and buy white bookshelves from IKEA.

2. How do you organise your books?
I organise them by genres.  From up-left to down-right: supernatural-superpower & vampire & werewolf, supernatural-angel, supernatural-alien, time-travelling, kingdom fantasy, adventure-fantasy-action, comic, classic, historical-fantasy, contemporary-problem, contemporary-ya-romance, dystopian ‘get-me-out-of-here’, sci-fi, crime-mystery

3. What’s the longest book on your shelf?


Diana Gabaldon – Drums Of Autumn (It’s 1070 pages!!!  I haven’t even started book 1.)

4. What’s the shortest book on your shelf?


Jennifer L. Armentrout – Elixir (It’s 73 pages.  And well…I don’t really like Covenant series.  Feel free to check out my review of Half-Blood)

5. Is there a book you received as a birthday gift?


Kiera Cass – The Prince & The Guard (It’s from my cousin, Kassie.  I’ve got The Selection, but I haven’t read it.  I’m afraid it contains too much romance because ,FYI, I really really hate romance.)

6. Is there a book from a friend on your shelf?
Nope.  The books are all mine.

7. The most expensive book on your shelf?


Harry Potter Flim Wizardry (I bought it in Covent Garden, London, UK.  It costed £26.  However, I had to buy it!!!  It’s about Harry Potter!!!)

8. The last book you read on your shelf?


Sarah J. Maas – Crown Of Midnight (I gave it 2 out of 5 stars.  It’s not as ‘okay’ as the first book since I already don’t really like the first one.)

9. Do you have a complete series?


Picture is The Heroes Of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson & The Olympians all by Rick Riordan.  (I have a lot of complete series.  The Lunar Chronicles, The Shade Of London, Angelfall, Alice In Wonderland, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Fallen, Article 5, Covenant, Lux, Precious Stone, Graceling, The Shannara Chronicles, Harry Potter, Perfect Chemistry, The Summer I Turned Pretty, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Escape The Furnace, The 100, Wool, Under The Never Sky, The Maze Runner, The Eye Of Minds, The Dark Elements, Splintered, Between The Lines, and Bad Girls Don’t Die.)

10. What’s the newest addition to your shelf?


Julie Wetzel – Kindling Flames
Lisa T. Bergren – Glamorous Illusions
Victoria Scott – The Collector
Megan Crewe – Earth & Sky
J.R. Johansson – Insomnia
Lauren Oliver – Delirium
Disney – Alice Through The Looking Glass

11. The oldest book on your shelf?


The Invisible Man (It’s a children edition published in 2006.)

12. What’s a book you’d hate to let out of your sight?
I love all my books but I’m willing to lend out.  However, none of my friends or cousins like to read, so there’s no worry.

13. Most beat up book?


Anna Carey – Blackbird



I was caught in a thunderstorm.  My backpack was all wet and this poor book was inside.  I had to use hairdryer to dry every page. 

14. Most pristine book?
Most of them are quite new.  I’m good at keeping them as new as possible.

15. A book that doesn’t belong to you?
Those babies are all mine 😁

16. A book that is your favourite colour?


My favourite colour is navy blue.  I like very very dark blue almost as dark as black, but not black!

17. A book that’s been on your shelf the longest and you still haven’t read it?


Bella Thorne – Autumn Falls (I’ve bought it because I was thrilled that Bella wrote a novel!  However, I later heard a lot of bad reviews.  Therefore, I just set it on my shelf and not touch it.  Should I read it?)

18. Of all the books on your shelf, which was the first you read?


The Invisible Man (I’ve read it in 2011 or 2012.  Yes, I’ve started reading English books about four years ago.  My Chinese books were all worn out and got donated.)

19. Any signed books?
No.  I don’t live in the US, but I really want to meet the authors.


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