The Intimidating TBR Tag

1. What books have you been unable to finish?


Marissa Meyer – Cinder (I don’t know why everyone loves this so much.  I just can’t get myself liking it.)
Jandy Nelson – I’ll Give You The Sun (Again, I know people love this book, but it’s just not for me.)
Stephanie Perkins – Anna & The French Kiss (I extremely hate this book!!!)
Rick Yancey – The 5th Wave (I believe this book is interesting, but so bad that I fell asleep while reading it.)
Megan Shepherd – The Madman’s Daughter (Normally, I like to read bloody stuff.  However, I just can’t read it.)
Tom Perrotta – The Leftovers (Uh.  I tried to read the book first.  And then I couldn’t read it.  So…I tried to watch the series.  Still, I couldn’t watch it.)
Anthony Doerr – All The Light We Cannot See (I like this book because it has the vibe of The Book Thief.  But…I don’t know.  I couldn’t finish it.)
Robert Galbraith – Silkworm (I love the first book and I know that I am supposed to like the second book.  Nonetheless, I couldn’t get into it.)

2. What book do you have you yet to read because you just haven’t had the time?


George R. R. Martin – A Game Of Thrones (It’s too thick to, you know, make me want to read.  I haven’t watched the tv series, either.)

3. What book do you have yet to read because it’s a sequel?


Kerstin Gier – Sapphire Blue (I’m not fond of the first book Ruby Red.  FYI, I’ve already bought the whole trilogy. Damn!)

4. What book do you have yet to read because it’s brand new?


Susan Ee – Angelfall (I know it’s not a new series, not that new anyways.  My friend recommended this to me, but I’m afraid I won’t like it.)

5. What book do you have yet to read because you read a book by the same author and didn’t enjoy it?


Jennifer L. Armentrout – The Return (I’ve read Half-Blood and I don’t like it.  I know that this story has something to do with The Covenant series, so I’m not sure I’ll read it in the near future.)

6. What book do you have yet to read because you’re just not in the mood for it?


Theresa Kay – Broken Skies (Another story about aliens?  Please!!  I’ve only read two books about aliens and I’m not so interested in the species from outer space.  Jennifer L. Armentrout – Obsidian and Rick Yancey – The 5th Wave)

7. What book do you have yet to read because it’s humongous?


Diana Gabaldon – Outlander (It’s just so thick that I don’t even wanna pick up!!!)

8. What book do you have yet to read because it’s a cover-buy that ended up not having great reviews?


A.G. Howard – Splintered (Actually, I haven’t read this one yet.  There are some people telling me that it’s bad.  Well…who knows?  Maybe I’ll end up loving it.)

9. What is the most intimidating book on your TBR?


Sarah J. Maas – Crown Of Midnight (I’ve read Throne Of Glass.  While people love it sooooo much, I just think ‘meh it’s okay’.)


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