Review : Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


R is a young man with an existential crisis–he is a zombie. He shuffles through an America destroyed by war, social collapse, and the mindless hunger of his undead comrades, but he craves something more than blood and brains. He can speak just a few grunted syllables, but his inner life is deep, full of wonder and longing. He has no memories, noidentity, and no pulse, but he has dreams.

After experiencing a teenage boy’s memories while consuming his brain, R makes an unexpected choice that begins a tense, awkward, and stragely sweet relationship with the victim’s human girlfriend. Julie is a blast of color in the otherwise dreary and gray landscape that surrounds R. His decision to protect her will transform not only R, but his fellow Dead, and perhaps their whole lifeless world.

Scary, funny, and surprisingly poignant, Warm Bodies is about being alive, being dead, and the blurry line in between.  (From: Goodreads)

Title: Warm Bodies

Author: Isaac Marion

Publisher: Emily Bestler Books/Atria

Release Year: 2011

Pages: 239

*!!!2 Out of 5 Stars!!!*

We lose them like car keys, forget them like anniversaries.

This is a story about zombie apocalypse. After a zombie whose name was R ate the brain of a young man, Perry Kelvin, he started to have feelings for the girl survivor, Julie. This is a story about a Dead becoming a Living again.

Dropped dead and then went back to life.

I’ve watched the movie, but I haven’t got a chance to finish it. Well…I wasn’t so interested in the film anyway. So why did I pick up this book to read? It’s been set on my shelf for a long time. My cousin gave it to me after I watched the film. I was bored this morning, so I drew lot from my TBR jar and I got this book.


The world building was ruined world, making me think of the setting of Article 5.


There are three main characters in this story.

R the Zombie, he was…,simply, a zombie who could talk a little and have some emotions. He was changing, changing for the weirdest, the impossible for the best. SURPRISE!!!

He came back alive!

Whaaaaaaat??? That’s so not cool.


Julie the Survivor obviously had Stockholm syndrome. Poor girl’s boyfriend had just died in front of her and then she got kidnapped by R. Gradually, she grew fond of him. From this point we can see: R wasn’t ‘zombie’ enough. This should be what a zombie look like:

Perry Kelvin the Memory Donator only lived in the brain that R eaten. His life took a huge part of the story. Besides, the Perry memory could talk to R, which was…unexpected.

I like the first part better than any other parts of this book. I guess it was because it was just the beginning and I wanted to learn more. However, from Step Two, I thought that it was getting boring and I don’t like it. It didn’t give me the apocalypse I wanted. I wanted to see real zombies, ugly, dirty, disgusting, and all the bloody scenes. Apparently, I didn’t get what I wanted.

Music For The Book

*One Direction – Stockholm Syndrome



Happy reading, guys ~ 😀



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