Review : Blackbird by Anna Carey

You wake up on the rail and the train is coming.  You survive.

You don’t know who you are.

You meet a boy in the supermarket.  He tells you that he is Ben.  You ask him to give you a ride to a building.

Where some weird man asks you to go.  You find out that he set you up.  You start to run away from the police.

Some weird woman tries to kill you.  The weird man shoots her.  You survive.  You run away.

You stay with Ben.  You meet a girl named Izzy.

The weird woman’s husband tries to kill you.  You run.

You run.  You run.  You run. You RUN.  YOU RUN.  YOU RUN!!!


Damn it!  This book honestly has no plots at all.  I mean…yeah, it does have some plots, but the whole book is so predictable.

(spoiler alert!!!)

At first, I just don’t trust Ben.  How can you befriend with someone who is totally okay of you not even knowing yourself?  (I am not that stupid and yet this book keeps making me stupid!!!) That girl should have already sensed that Ben wasn’t a normal kid;  besides he selling pots simply because he wants to earn extra money.

However, this book doesn’t deserve to have just one star.  There are still something I want to find out and I guess I’ll pick up the sequel. 

Happy Reading ~ 😁


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