Review : Grimm (season 5)


I love watching Grimm.  It is currently my favourite show.

In case you haven’t known it already, I’m a die-hard TV show fan.  Check out my sick obsession of TV series here.

I’ve just finished watching season 5 of Grimm which I started to watch this year. 

Black Claw: in season 5, this is the center of the plots.  The secret group is seriously horrible.  They kill anyone (Wesen) who doesn’t join them.

Sean Renard: captain was running for the mayor and he is the mayor now.  he is involved with Black Claw.

Eve: Eve is Juliet 2.0.  She’s still a Hexenbiest, powerful, and pretty cool.

Diana: The child of Adalind and Sean.  She has great power.  She can do unbelievable things.

Yeah.  So…This season, there are more connections between each episode.  It’s interesting as always though we all know that the Grimm a.k.a. Nick will always win since he’s the main character.


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