35 Questions Music Tag!

1. Last song you purchased
Zendaya & Chris Brown – Something New

2. Song you discovered on YouTube
Halsey – Colors

3. Favourite band
The Vamps 💚💚💚
Before You Exit 💚💚💚

4. Favourite solo artist
Taylor Swift 💚💚💚

5. Group you wish had never split
The Wanted

6. Song you grew up with
Happy Birthday Song 🎉

7. First album you bought
Connie Talbot – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

8. Album you found accidentally and love
MIKA – The Boy You Knew Too Much

9. Favourite foreign language song
Well…English is a foreign language to me, so…
Okay, fine. I’ll choose a Spanish song.
Enrique Iglesias & Marco Antonio Solís – El Perdedor

10. A song from the year you were born
Aqua – Barbie Girl
So you know which year I was born in…

11. Song from your favourite music genre
My favourite music genre will be country because every country song is pleasant to my ears

12. Most overrated song
Rihanna & Drake – Work

13. Song you’d recommend to everyone
Cat Stevens – Wild World
(Skins version will also do)

14. Song you can’t help but sing along to
Troye Sivan – Young
Justin Bieber – Sorry

15. Favourite parody song
Justin Bieber – Sorry (by Bart Baker)
Taylor Swift – Blank Space (by Bart Baker)

16. Favourite slow song
Little Big Town – Girl Crush

17. Favourite fast song
Charlie Puth – My Gospel

18. Favourite song at the moment
Charlie Puth – My Gospel

19. All time favourite song
This Century – Run & Hide

20. Bands/artists you own the most albums by
Taylor Swift 🎧🎵🎧🎵🎧
Taylor Swift Deluxe Edition
Taylor Swift Deluxe Edition Karaoke
Fearless Deluxe Edition
Fearless Platinum Edition
Speak Now Deluxe Edition
Speak Now World Tour
Red Deluxe Edition
Red Magazine Edition
1989 Deluxe Edition

21. The last song you listened to
Justin Bieber – Die In Your Arms

22. The album in your CD player right now
Charlie Puth – Nine Track Mind

23. The last show you attended
5 Seconds Of Summer – Sounds Live Feels Live

24. The greatest show you’ve ever been to
Taylor Swift Red Tour

25. The worst show you’ve ever been to
Oh, I wouldn’t say any of them since I paid to attend.

26. The most musically involved you have ever been
We talked about music. We sang everyday on the way home. We went to musicals every weekend.

27. The show you are looking forward to
Charlie Puth Nine Track Mind Tour

28. The musician you would like to hang out with for a day
Greyson Chance 💚
And that boy has to drive

29. One musician or group you wish would make a comeback
A comeback or a comeback?
The Vamps because they are always funny

30. One band/artist you’ve never seen live but always wanted to
Justin Bieber
Ariana Grande
One Direction

31. Name four or more flawless albums
Taylor Swift – Speak Now
Taylor Swift – 1989
Lorde – Pure Heroine
5 Seconds Of Summer – Sounds Good Feels Good
Union J – Union J
Charlie Puth – Nine Track Mind

32. Numbers of music related videos/DVDs do you own
I have a lot of music videos but only one Speak Now World Tour DVD

33. Numbers of concerts you have been to in total
I’m really busy with my school work, so…

34. The artist that you have seen the most live
Taylor Swift & The Vamps
Both twice

35. Your favourite movie soundtrack
Taylor Swift – Eyes Open
Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat
Both are from The Hunger Games


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