Review : The Name Of The Star by Maureen Johnson

“He’s asking me out by asking me to ask you?”
“Correct,” she said.

I like Maureen’s writing style.  It’s just so easy to read and sometimes humorous.

“It’s creepy,” she said, rubbing her arms.  “All of this has just made things…I don’t know.  Everyone’s afraid.  One man has made the entirety of London afraid. “

I am OBSESSED with Jack The Ripper.  Well…not really obsessed, but just very interested in him or, maybe it’s a her after all.  The idea of the story is special.  I love London and with Tubes!  It’s so London-ish.  Also, personally, I love crime shows and it’s sort of a crime-solving thing.

It was the kind of thing you said when you wanted to say something and that was the best you could do just to keep talking, keep the conversation going.

Because the Ripper always struck hours after midnight, it’s normal to see characters go to sleep at 2 a.m.  (Feel like I can sing lots of Taylor’s songs.)

The mind does this.  It constantly rewrites our memories to accommodate new facts.

We are learning about Criminal Minds.  Sometimes we don’t see from the victims, we see from the killers.  It’s interesting to solve crimes.

We sat in silence for a few moments, looking at our tea but neither of us drinking it.  We just let it steep, darker and darker, like our thoughts.

Here comes my favourite character, Stephen.  He’d got hurt so much that he now didn’t even have the urge to reach out.  Maybe burying himself in the work was the only way to keep his mind busy.  However, finally, he chose to tell Rory.  And somehow, it made him feel better.

I like Jerome indeed, but he’s just a friend.  (And he should totally befriend with Noah from Scream TV series.) And he can only be a friend.  We share the interest of Jack, but it’s never appropriate to talk about him as if he’s your son and you’re proud!  That would be very creepy.

This is a fast-paced crime-solving story.  I love it.  If you love London, come and read this book!

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


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