Review : Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith

“Maybe they’ve got cells to fill, targets to reach.”

In this thriller, I saw so many things at once.  Bloody.  Disgusting.  Violent.  It’s exciting.  Very.  Quick pace.

But each happy image was smothered by the darkness, vanishing without a trace into the dead night.  Furnace was claiming my memories as well as my body, its hold on my life now absolute, unforgiving.

Zee was a nice little guy.  Though Donovan was sort of weird, he was worthy saving.  Therefore, I believe that Alex will go back to save his ‘friend’.

I was shouting curse after curse, a torrent of swear words that I hoped would block the staircase behind me.

The sentences are decorated in this book.  If you like to read books full of rhetoric, this series will suit you perfectly.

My head was drumming some sort of ancient tribal dance, my throat felt like I’d swallowed a cheese grater, and my eyes were watering as if I was wearing contact lenses soaked in vinegar.

No romance can be found inside of this book.  If you’re looking for, nothing’s here.  However, there are some dread doctors, though.

4 out of 5 stars


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