Favourite TV Series Tag (Teen Wolf)

1. From 1-10, how obsessed are you?
11!!!  It is awesome.  Believe me!

2. Do any of your friends watch the show?  Are they as obsessed as you?
Nope.  Not that I know of.

3. How did you discover the show?
I found it on TV, haha.

4. What was your first initial thought of the show and did it change after watching it?
I thought it was teenager stuff and I thought I wouldn’t like it.

5. Why do you like the show?
It’s supernatural.  It’s funny.  And it’s exciting.

6. Who’s your favourite character?
Stiles Stilinski.  He’s sarcastically funny.

7. Who’s your least favourite character?
Theo Raeken.  Good that he’s dead (or gone) for now.

8. How would you kill of your favourite character?
Oh dear, why would I kill Stiles?  Without Stiles, Scott can’t be Scott.

9. Who’s your crush on the show?
Isaac Lahey.  He left and he took a little part of my heart away with him.

10. If you were to be a character, who would you choose?
Kira Yukimura.  She’s a perfect hero! 

11. What’s your favourite episode?
Don’t know.

12. What’s your favourite season?
I don’t know.  Maybe season 5? With doctors and asylum.

13. Do you watch it when it airs or do you DVR it?
First 2 seasons I DVDed them and season3-5, I watched when it aired.

14. Who do you ship?
Don’t everyone ship Stiles and Lydia?  Haha.

15. Do you follow the cast on Twitter?
No, but I used to.

16. What’s something that reminds you of the show?
My Lahey14 hoodie 😤💚

17. Which one of the characters would you like to meet?
I’d like to meet all of them, but Stiles comes first.

18. If you could meet any one of the actors, who would you like to meet?
Colton Haynes and Daniel Sharman.  I think those two are the sweetest.

19. Which actor is similar to their character?
I don’t know.  Maybe Arden Cho.  I followed her YouTube, and she is as nice as Kira.

20. What other shows would you recommend?
Supernatural ones?  Haven and Grimm.


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