Fictional Boyfriend Tag (TV Series)

1. Most Romantic Boyfriend
Barry Allen from The Flash!!!  Barry Barry Barry!!!
Why Iris is so blind to see him right in front of her?  He is always so sweet and so perfect.

2. Dark And Moody Bad Boy With A Good Side
Derek Hale from Teen Wolf.  🐺
He is weird…hmmm….sort of, but he can actually do a lot of help.

3. Paranormal Boyfriend
A lot…hahaha…well…not so many anyway.  I’ll pick my favourite one.
Nathan from Haven.  Nathan is cool but nice.  Every time he calls, “Parker!”, I wish that is my last name.

4. Boyfriend You Want To Tame
okay…talk about taming again, huh?  It was definitely Theo from Teen Wolf 🐺 before he died.  He was such a brat!  I never knew what a brat was until I meet this character.

5. Boy You Friend Zoned
Haha, dear dear Scott from Teen Wolf. 🐺 He made a total awesome friend material!  Best team-up partner ever!

6. Your Soul Mate
That must be Noah from Scream.  He is fascinated with serial killers and I am, too.  He’s nice and fun and I’d be glad if I can just be his friend.

7. Boyfriend You Want To Elope With
This one must be the one I have awfully feeling for.  But I don’t know.  I don’t feel like eloping to anywhere right now.  I’m perfectly at where I am.

8. Boyfriend You’d Venture Anywhere With
Barry Allen from The Flash.  We don’t need expensive air travels anymore.  I just need my Barry.  We can even go to another earth!

9. Boyfriend You’d Want To Be Stranded On A Desert Island With
Either Richard Castle from Castle or Patrick Jane from The Mentalist.  Yeah, don’t judge me.  I know they are like thirty years elder than me, but they are actually brilliant.  Witty, funny, and caring 💚💚💚 I don’t wanna be bored to death on a desert island.  And any of them can keep me laughing.

10. Most Badass Boyfriend
Killian Jones, Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time!  Yeah, I know he’s now Emma’s, but he’s awesome!!!


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