Introduction Part 1 (music)

Hi, I’m Remi from a small island called Formosa.

I’m a girl who looks like 13, but actually I was born in 1997.

Okay, so let’s talk from the start.

When I was in sixth grade, my cousin told me about Taylor Swift.  And she became my first love of English songs.

Of course, in 2008, the first Taylor’s song I knew was

Haha, you’ve all got it wrong.  It wasn’t love story.  It was fearless.

In her second album, my favourite songs are, first Love Story, then Forever & Always, but I thought that was The Way I Love You.  Later I found the song I liked was Forever & Always, instead of The Way I Loved You, but I’d been listening to The Way I Love You, so I’d gradually fallen in love with The Way I Love You. (Yeah, I know this part is complicated, but never mind, I don’t know what I’m talking about, either.👍)

I love Tay-Tay very very much.  I have her every album.  And I mean every.  Including the first out of copies Taylor Swift.  (Showing off) Hahaha!!! I found it in a record store in London!!!

But it wasn’t my proudest moment…

When I was in London, Taylor was holding concerts there then.  YES!!!!!

But this wasn’tmy proudest moment, either…my proudest moment was…

I shook hand with Taylor!!! Hahaha!!! Thank you, thank you, I’m very proud!!!

In the concerts, however, meeting Taylor wasn’t the proudest, but meeting The Vamps.

I found The Vamps on YouTube and since then, I’ve started to follow them. I don’t know how to describe that feeling, but when I saw them in front of my very eyes, it was incredible!!! Oh my god!!!!!!!!!

So…after meeting my favourite singer and band.  I have no regrets.  I can end my life in any moment.


Just kidding.  I have so so so many things I haven’t done yet!!! So, let me start to introduce myself! (Yep, that was just the prologue.👍)

I’m going to discuss in three aspects.  a)music, b)movies/TV series, c)books


a) music

You may think I’m strange but I only listen to English songs.  Alright, maybe a few Spanish and French.

Okay, so let me introduce some of my favourite singers~

✂Major Singers

1.Taylor Swift 


Taylor, Taylor will never go out of style.  She’s my favourite singer because I love her songs a d lyrics.  Some are really good. 💚

Though I love her country songs better.  How do you think?

List some of my favourite songs: White Horse, You’re Not Sorry, Untouchable, Eyes Open, Brought Up That Way, Sparks Fly, Dear John, Innocent, Long Live, All Too Well, Starlight, Blank Space, Style… …

2. Lorde 


The melodies and lyrics of Lorde are very special.  I love every song of hers, including those from The Hunger Games.

If you like to pretend intelligent just like me.  Feel free to join me studying Lorde’s works. 💚

3. Sam Hunt


Sam has his own genre mixed country and his special style.

Last year, when I heard Sam’s Take Your Time, I decided to marry him.  Hehe!!! 💚 I love the melodies, the lyrics, the voice.  Maybe it is just like mesmerizing by sirens.  LOL.

I love every song of his, especially recommend Take Your Time, Ex To See, Leave The Night On, Cop Car (damn!!!  Every track!!!)

4. Greyson Chance 


Oh, my baby Chance…I watch you growing up…

Greyson doesn’t have so many songs now.  His voice changed, but he is still skillful in singing. 💚

Favourites: Afterlife, Hold On Til The Night, Home Is In Your Eyes, Unfriend You, Stranded (summer must!!!)

✂Minor Singers

1. Troye Sivan 


Yes, I know Troye is a very diverse person.  His music is relaxing and free.💚

Must: Fools, Youth, Fools, Ease, Talk Me Down 

2. Ariana Grande 


I believe that I don’t need to put redhead’s photo since she’s the queen of pop nowadays.

I admire her very very very much.  (*Note: important, “very”) Her flawless high notes.  Every time I practice, it’s like me slaying chicken. 🐓🚫 Except for this part, I think I’m good at singing her normal voice.

Practice List: One Last Time, Why Try, Almost Is Never Enough, Piano, Better Left Unsaid, Only 1(pretty difficult!!!👍)

3. Katy Perry 


I like every early song of Katy’s.

In the memoir: I Kissed A Girl, Hot N Cold, Teenage Dream, The One That Got Away, Pearl 

4. Justin Bieber


I love Justin’s songs very much, but not Justin himself.  His genre fits me well!!! I love the Purpose album!!!

5. Charlie Puth 


His smile, his smile makes the stars look like they’re not shining (wrong source)

I believe everyone know this dude, right? He’s the one singing See You Again.

Ah…I love his voice.  My god!!!(fangirling…)

If you like his voice just as much as I do, please do listen: Marvin Gaye, We Don’t Talk Anymore ft. Selena Gomez (these two songs took my heart)

6. Tiffany Alvord 


Tiffany is a singer from YouTube, but I also love her own songs and her attitude toward life.

She is my model.👍

Originals: My Heart Is, Never Been Better, Unforgettable, I Knew You Were The One 

7. Connie Talbot 


My first album is Connie’s.  I think I was then nine or so?

I love her singing skill and her kind personality.

Let’s take a look at my favourite groups.


1. Union J 


Love Union J!!!!!!!!!💚 (left➡right)Jaymi, George, Josh, and JJ

But George has just left the group…

Every song of them is awesome awesome awesome.  I love Jaymi’s high notes.  (Yes, I’m obsessed with high notes.) 

Favourites: Carry You, You Got It All, Where Are You Now, Central Park 

2. One Direction


When Zayn was still here…(left➡right) Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis

I know that their currently situation is like permanent hiatus…

Five years, I’ve been keeping up the pace with them.  Five albums, take me away my horrible busy time at school…

I love first, second, and fourth album.

Favourites: More Than This, I Wish, Tell Me A Lie, Circle, Stole My Heart, Stand Up, C’mon C’mon, I Would, Story Of My Life, Fool’s Gold, Night Changes, Stockholm Syndrome, Perfect, Home, Infinity 

3. The Wanted 


Maybe they’re not that shining, but their songs are indeed perfect!!! (left➡right)Tom, Nathan, Siva, Max, and Jay
Another band on a heartbreak hiatus…

Favourites: Chase The Sun, Heart Vacancy, Lightning, Gold Forever, Warzone, Could This Be Love, Show Me Love, Satellite

Let’s talk about bands~


1. The Vamps 


Haha, love them the most, my British boys. 💚 From left➡right, James, Tris, Brad, and Con 💚 (the complete version: James, Tristan, Bradley, and Connor)

Must: Burn, Million Words, Stolen Moment, Lovestruck, Oh Cecelia 

2. Before You Exit


This is the three-brother-band 
From left➡right, Toby, Riley, and Connor

Their EPs are brilliant.  The covers songs are awesome as well. 💚

My 2015 👑 : Model 

3. 5 Seconds Of Summer a.k.a. 5SOS 


From left➡right,Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton 

Sounds Live Feels Live of 5SOS is pretty amazing!!!

I love their songs, especially the second album, every song 💚!!!


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