Fangirl Moment : Scott’s Pack

I always like the feeling of being with a group of good friends.  I love to watch Teen Wolf because Scott and his friends always work together to solve every trouble. 

So, today I’m going to talk about Scott’s pack.

True Alpha Scott McCall


Scott is the leader of the pack.  He is never the only one to solve the problem.  They all work together.  He is clear-minded and he’s good at organising all the ideas into a tactic.

Human Stiles Stilinski


Stiles is Scott’s best friend.  He is the funny one.  His sarcasm is awesome.  He is my favourite character in this show.

Hunter Allison Argent


Allison is Scott’s ex-girlfriend.  She has passed away.  (Got stab by Japanese samurai.) She was good at archery and  she was very brave.

Banshee Lydia Martin


Lydia is the smartest girl.  She has this brilliant power and she’s still trying to learn every bit of it.

Werewolf Isaac Lahey


At first, Isaac was a part of Derek pack.  Since Derek decided to be in a part of Scott’s team.  Isaac joined in gladly. 

Werewolf Derek Hale


Derek became an alpha after he killed his evil uncle, Peter.  He is the serious one but he is very helpful.

Kitsune Kira Yukimura


Kira is a Kitsune.  She is very sweet. (The right one for Isaac?) Her skills are strong and real.

Werecoyote Malia Tate


Malia is actually Peter’s biological daughter.  She is a coyote.  She’s a little silly in her own way.

Werewolf Liam Dunbar


Liam is Scott’s beta.  Scott saved him when he was about to die.  Liam is bluntly brave.  Most of the time, he doesn’t think before he actions.

Human Mason Hewitt


Mason is Liam’s best friend.  He is fun going and he shares lots of the same characteristics with Liam.

Chimera Corey


Corey is the experimental subject of the dread doctors.  He has the ability of turning into a chameleon.  He is very kindhearted.

Hellhound Jordan Parrish


Jordan is the deputy of Sheriff Stilinski.  He served in Afghanistan, doing bomb squad.  He is fireproof and he has a strong connection with Lydia.

Werewolf Hayden Romero


Before being a werewolf, Hayden was a chimera.  She is fun-going and wild.

Emissary Dr. Alan Deaton


Deaton is a vet.  Besides that, being an emissary is an important job.  He stands for the balance.  However, he is on Scott’s side.

Werewolf Ethan and Aiden


Before the twins came to Scott, they were the evil twins serving Deucalion.  Those two were strong and brave and violent.  Aiden died in a war and then Ethan left beacon hills.

So this is the whole pack of Scott.  Each of them is different and special.  I hope that one day I can discover my own distinct pack.


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