Review : Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes

     She knew there was only one person who could change your destiny.  And that was yourself.

In the third series of Falling Kingdoms.  The main idea is : you can be the person you want to be.  Jonas succeeded.  Prince Ashur succeeded.  Even that Prince of Blood kind of reached the concept.

     “Hatred is like fire.  It burns the one who harnesses it.  It’s also extremely hard to see more helpful truths through its flames.”

It’s about lying, deceiving, and cheating.  Magnus didn’t really hate Cleo, but it seems like he had to because he had never opened himself up to anyone before.  And now Cleo knowing too much made him feeling naked and insecure.

It’s about games and tricks.  Those who thought they were smart would be surprised by those who were smarter.  Everyone had something up on his sleeves.  Everyone would get caught soooner or later.  And you could throw anyone into the cells since they all had something to hide.

It’s about each character had at least two lovers.  Cleo couldn’t complain that Magnus shared something with the sly Armana since she herself was somehow drawn to Jonas.

Prince Ashur is my favourite character in this book.  He surprised me.  He impressed me.  I thought he was just as mad as his evil sister.  It turned out that he was so much better since his pretty little head was still well-functioned.

There’s this contrast : while Lysandra cried over her brother’s death painfully, Princess Armana and Xanthius could easily slay their siblings without mercy.  Those two are monsters.

My least favourite character is Princess Armana, probably the same as most of the people.  She’s a resting snake in the bushes.  Once you accidentally wake her up, she bites you before you even know what is going on.

Magnus, I have to talk about this one.  I trust Jonas but I didn’t trust the Prince.  I hated him and then I didn’t like him and then I wanted to kill him and now I just want to throw him into the dungeon, torturing him until he spills out every last piece of truth.

Okay, so Morgan Rhodes has just becomes one of my favourite authors.  It’s amazing how she can describing those things as if there really is this Mytica.  I wonder if Morgan once lived in a kingdom.  It’s incredible to see everything down to details.  I feel like I am in a 3D movie whenever I read her works.

This is an up-all-night book.  I didn’t know how to close it once I opened it.  I strongly recommend this series to everyone!

4 out of 5 stars


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