Review : Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

     I laughed so hard the bus driver asked me if my lottery numbers had come up.

Here it is, people!  I wondered why people were so fussing about this book once it was soon to be on the big screen, so I went on YouTube and watched the movie trailer.  Now here I am, writing the review after finishing reading this heartbreak story.

     “He finally looked like Leo again.”

It’s about learning to put yourself in other’s shoes.  We always care for the people we live but by caring someone that means you should think in his way.
In the story, Will lost his hope after an accident.  People around him, especially his family, tried everything to make him better.  His parents wanted him to be happy again.

     Perhaps I was the least well-equipped person in the world to try to come up with things that might inflame Will’s appetite for life.

Louisa Clark, the new caretaker, got herself into this complicated mess a little bit too deep.  She started to make her opinions as Will’s.  She started to think she might fail this task.

     “But I want him to live if he wants to live.  If he doesn’t, then by forcing him to carry on, you, me — no matter how much we live him — we become just another shitty bunch of people taking away his choices.”

It’s true.  When Will couldn’t eat by himself, couldn’t walk down the street hand in hand with a girl he liked, the only thing he could do was make choices.  So let him. 
I told my parents that I’d DNR if I was in a very bad situation because I didn’t want to come back brain-dead, letting people wash me, wasting their time on looking after a person who was embarrassed to live like this but was unable to speak for himself.

     If he is determined, if he really can’t see a way of things being better for him, then I guess the best thing you can do is just be there.  You don’t have to think he’s right.  But you do have to be there.

To think in another way, maybe if Will hadn’t been a rich kid, he wouldn’t have such urge to make it all end.  Normal people we don’t travel so much.  Being crippled, we might just feel somehow inconvenient instead of dreaming the places we’ve been to.  (which mostly are home and office/school)

     He was already retreating, withdrawing to somewhere I couldn’t reach him.

I feel this book is close to me.  There one was a time I was very depressed simply because I was suffering from depression.  I shared a lot of emotions with Will and I got to his thought much quicker than Louisa did.

I gave 3 out of 5 stars because I still don’t want Will to leave.


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