Review : Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

I’ll put an arrow through your heart myself to save you from whatever fate now lies before our friends and neighbors.

It’s full of extreme love.  Not only just Gregor’s to Lysandra but also Queen Althea’s to Lucia.  This kind of love is very touching, very true.  I guess I’d do the same thing, too.  It’s not because I have this kind of heart in me, it’s because I’m just simply selfish.

A gown does not make a bride, just as a few empty threats do not make a rebel.

This sentence is so perfect with symmetry though I don’t think gown & princess, threats & rebel have anything in common.

I cared about you.  And I could again, if you let me.

Oh, I can never resist the love between family caring (not that kind which Magnus feels for his sister!). I love how Alexis and Castle care so much about each other, and also Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski.

So now we’re talking about my favourite character in this second book.  Jonas!  Still him because the only right thing to do now is to be rebellious.
They finally kissed!  Although not in the way I hope.  I wish they could have more instead of a fling.

Besides, Morgan really did surprise me by having Prince Ashur to kiss Nic.  He’s really weird.

And no, no surprise that I still hate Magnus even though he and Cleo played a funny good shows.  Maybe I don’t hate him that much but no, I haven’t started to like him, not a little bit.  As he said, Aron was a little shit, and so is his majesty.

Indeed, it is still a good read and I can’t wait for reading the third one!!!  Join the rebel, guys!

4 out of 5 stars


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