Review : Pivot Point by Kasie West

This is so not what I have expected.

The rating of this book is relatively high.  I thought it would be awesome.  However, I am very disappointed.  Yes, I am.  And normally, as I used to say, I don’t trash any book.  But there are just some exceptions.

It’s difficult to read and awfully boring as hell.  The idea should be great.  But it’s lack of elaboration.  The superpower stuff is quite abstract.  The whole book is revolving around this girl who likes to fantasize inside of her head.  She dreams of romance and dramas and no other shit else.  And the writing style can’t improve the plots, either.

To be honest, I fell asleep three times in four hours during the reading.  The story is really boring.  The main point “what if”. just showed up like once!!!  So why bother advertising with that?

I’d like to give zero star but GoodReads won’t let me.


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