Review : Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

The words felt thick on his tongue.  Lies always slid smooth silk for him, but the truth was never quite so easy.

Oh, my my…cry me a bloody river.

This is the first time I read a “kingdom” story.  Well…It’s quite new to me and I’m saying that I like it.  Morgan is a great author.  She described everything down to detail.  The concept of this story may sound complicated but it’s not.  It was a thrilled read.  I couldn’t stop turning the pages.  And all in my head was, “Who’s gonna die next?”. Every character of this book is lively.  Everyone has distinguished personality.

My favourite character is Jonas.  The boy who sought vengeance for his brother.  The boy who wanted to watch the life fade out from Princess Cleo’s eyes.  He might say this kind of things but I believe that deep down inside of him, he knew better than an eye for an eye.  I like him for his ambitious heart and his clearly working mind.

She was his anchor to keep him from being swept completely out to sea.

There goes my least favourite character.  No, it’s not the King of Blood who had a pretty good reason to be here.  I dislike his son, Magnus.  He was so sick on love and so sick on persuing Cleo.  It was not even his business to concern.  He should soon be killed.

This book goes for everyone because you will end up loving it.  On one hand, you want to know what happened, but on the other, you wish things can go slower.

4 out of 5 stars


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