Review : It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han

My review on goodreads :

It was something I’d learned from watching Conrad in pretty much every game we’d ever played.  At the first sign of weakness, you attack full force.  You strike and you use every weapon in your arsenal, and you don’t let up.  No mercy.

I’m still helplessly in love with Jeremiah.  He is just perfect.  Belly seems to be too blind to see there’s this boy who’s always beside her.

This is another kind of summer.  It’s not that happy, not that fun anymore but it feels real.  It’s still a good story.  I’m impressed that the second book of the trilogy is still amazing.

No, we don’t have lots of twists, just some small ones.  However, that’s good enough.

This Conrad guy is complicated.  It seems that no one but only he himself knows what he is thinking about.  He chooses to keep things inside and be a mystery in people’s eyes.  Which I don’t quite like.

The first two books of this trilogy is great.  It’s summer.  It makes me want to jump into the water so bad even though I’ve never done it before.

I give this one 4 out of 5 stars.


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